10 Best Strains to Improve Your Workout

Having trouble getting to the gym? Well if you’re not a fan of overstimulating pre-workouts and expensive supplements in general, you may want to try smoking weed before the gym.
Top 10 Strains to Improve Your Work Out
Dan Skye/High Times

1. Green Crack

Top 10 Strains to Improve Your Work Out
Justin Cannabis/High Times

They don’t call it Green Crack for nothin’.

Another sativa-dominant hybrid strain, Green Crack invigorates its users with a sharp mental buzz and a huge uptick in energy. This daytime strain is sure to keep you focused and energized for your entire workout and won’t make you crash at the end.

There is also an indica-dominant variety of Green Crack that will give the user more of a relaxed, calm high, which could also serve well for mindfulness exercises such as yoga and tai-chi.

Final Hit: Top 10 Strains to Improve Your Workout

While these strains are mostly sativa-dominant, they still provide its users with different highs—all in which are perfect for working out. Now, you can forget loading up on coffee, pre-workout supplements or creatine, and use the stuff mother nature intended—some good ol’ fashioned ganja. Just make sure you don’t get too stoned before going to the gym because that sort of defeats the purpose. However, if you smoke the right amount prior to the gym, you can be sure to get the best workout you’ve had in years. Or, well, the last time you smoked before the gym.

  1. You are right that weed is natural and can enhance your workout, but please don’t demonize supplements. Just as weed, if you consume them properly they’re completely safe. The only thing weed can replace are preworkouts. Protein and creatin aren’t meant to be consumed for the “I wanna lift” feeling, they’re for something entirely different. Also those over the shelf supplements aren’t necessarily non-natural. Whey protein is created by extracting it from whey – a leftover product you get when making dairy products. Creatine is in lot of food but you can’t get enough just by eating, unless you want to get really fat, so they extract it. I’ve been using creatine for over two years and there is nothing you could substitute it with (beside steroids).

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