Advocates for Medical Marijuana for Autism To Gather in Louisiana

A group of advocates for medical marijuana for autism will join forces in Louisiana this week in support of a new bill.
Advocates for Medical Marijuana for Autism To Gather in Louisiana

This week, we heard the news that a group of advocates for medical marijuana for autism will gather in Louisiana. LA MAMMA, Louisiana Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism, is set to meet at the Louisiana State Capital on Thursday, April 5th. Their goal is to show support for proposed legislation that would give children with autism access to medical marijuana.

The Medical Marijuana Legislation

As we reported last week, a committee of Louisiana lawmakers passed an expansion to existing medical marijuana legislation. Currently, the law does not list autism as one of the conditions treated by medical marijuana. This legislation would allow children with autism to legally take medical marijuana, under the guidance of a pediatrician.

Bill 271 gives people with certain conditions legal access to medical marijuana. The addition to this legislation, House Bill 627, is the legislation in question this Thursday.

What Is Happening On Thursday?

To date, a committee made of members of the Louisiana House of Representatives has passed this legislation. This Thursday marks the second reading of House Bill 627 Medical Cannabis for Autism.

After the second reading, lawmakers can amend the bill, moving it on to a third reading during which they will vote or referring it back to a committee. This bill needs to pass the second reading before the Louisiana House of Representatives can vote it into law.

Advocates for medical marijuana for autism to gather in Louisiana capital in support of House Bill 627.

What is LA MAMMA?

LA MAMMA is abbreviated for the Louisiana Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism. They’re the Louisiana chapter of a national non-profit group dedicated to the legalization of medical marijuana for children with autism. They are spearheading the #cannabis4autism campaign in 7 states.

In their official press release, LA MAMMA, which advocates for medical marijuana for autism to gather in Louisiana, mentions that other states have legalized medical marijuana for autism. To date, Georgia, Delaware, Minnesota and Pennsylvania list autism as a condition treated by medical marijuana.

Other states that have legalized medical marijuana—California, Massachusetts, Florida, Oregon, and Washington D.C.— allow doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to those with autistic.

The Importance of Cannabis Treatment

Cases of parents using medical marijuana to successfully treat their children’s autism abound. In our piece on the benefits of marijuana for people with autism, we explore how traditional treatments for autism are often range from ineffective to responsible for a host of side-effects.

Marijuana, by comparison, can work immediately and has beneficial side effects. Anecdotally, parents describe how medical marijuana edibles can reduce anxiety and aggression, and can increase children’s appetites and communication skills.

On their website, MAMMA explains that medical marijuana helps maintain homeostasis, or equilibrium, in the body.

The national nonprofit poses the question, “What medicine, besides cannabis, has the potential to safely treat underlying medical conditions as well as behavioral symptoms?”

Medical marijuana can treat the physical and psychological effects. For children with autism, it can improve mood and overall physical health.

Final Hit: Advocates for Medical Marijuana for Autism To Gather in Louisiana

This Thursday, the LA MAMMA meets in front of the Louisiana State Capital to advocate for House Bill 627. This will be the second reading of the bill, which garnered support and intense criticism from the first committee.

Nationally, people on both sides of the aisle support medical marijuana. Hopefully, a lack of research due to the restricted legal status of marijuana won’t stop legislators from approving this bill.

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