Blac Chyna Promotes Glass Blunt on Instagram

Blac Chyna’s latest Instagram post is certainly stoner-friendly.
Blac Chyna Promotes Glass Blunt on Instagram

While Instagram model Blac Chyna has been a mainstay of the tabloids for the last several years, she’s recently managed to kick up her internet exposure a hefty notch. On Sunday, her Easter day amusement park brawl went viral, and now she finds herself in the midst of a custody battle with ex-boyfriend Rob Kardashian after the latter witnessed the entire ordeal on camera.

Despite her controversial parenting, Blac Chyna has still managed to keep her Instagram account active, and her latest post might be her best one yet. The post is an advertisement for a cannabis paraphernalia shop called Glass Blunt Store, and the contents of it are definitely noteworthy for casual tokers and regular stoners alike.

Blac Chyna’s Advertisement

The advertisement, which did not feature Chyna herself, showed users the ‘glass blunt’ which actually looks pretty dope. The short clip starts with a man packing up a glass pipe, which closely resembles a classic one-hitter, to the brim with some bud over a Wiz Khalifa rolling tray.

The package of the product is labeled “Mint Swisher,” which is the name of a popular mint-flavored cigar wrap typically used for classic blunt rolling.

As the man in the video packs the faux-blunt, a caption appears on the screen.

“Hate rolling?” the lettering asks.

The advertisement then tells viewers that this compact piece can ‘store up to 2 grams of herb.’

After the blunt is packed, the man plugs in what the video refers to as a ‘twisty insert,’ which is attached to a mouthpiece for smoking it.

The man in the video then lights up his blunt as the clip advertises an ‘infinite cherry’ feature, that allows the user to continue smoking without actually having to light the contraption again, like you may have to when smoking a classic blunt or joint.

The video then shows some of the cool features of the glass blunt, including a ‘twist to ash’ feature and a rubber stopper that allows the user to save the rest for later.

All in all, a pretty cool product for those who like to toke up on the go, but prefer actual flower, as opposed to the increasingly popular vape oils.

Final Hit: Blac Chyna Promotes Glass Blunt on Instagram

Apparently, Blac Chyna isn’t letting her personal life get the best of her, as she appeared to subtly shake off her recent controversies within the confines of the advertisement.

“Idgaf but I’m gonna chill tonight with @GlassBluntStore and go all the all the way up,” the model captioned on her post. A little weed, or perhaps a nice moonrock, will most certainly go a long way during such stressful times.

While it’s unclear how much money Blac Chyna received for this particular post, but the Kardashians themselves are rumored to receive anywhere between $75,000-$300,000 per Instagram advertisement, as per The Telegraph.

It’s safe to say any of us would settle for a QP. Or even just a packed glass blunt.

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