5 Deliciously Unusual Blunt Wraps and Rolling Papers

Whether or not you smoke blunts or joints, it’s safe to say that most cannabis smokers are aware of the different flavors for papers and wraps. Anyone that considers themselves an avid roller knows that the taste is strongest for the person’s tongue that is sealing it, but you can still identify the flavor if you’re just putting your mouth to it.

Some staple flavors like strawberry, peach, grape, hemp, mango, cherry and vanilla are common in head shops and online stores, but there’s actually many more to choose from the deliciously reasonable to the absurd and strange.

If you’re wondering what kind of crazy flavors people are rolling their cannabis with, here are five of our favorite out of the ordinary types of papers and wraps.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Everybody knows that peanut butter and jelly are lunch food staples, and now Juicy Wraps have turned that classic flavor profile into a blunt wrap. Grab a glass of grape juice, turn on your favorite old-school cartoon and kick back with a nice blunt. 

Chicken and Waffles

The amazing combination of chicken and waffles is never a bad idea. Just don't use these if you're prone to get the munchies but don't have any food around. Royal Blunts have brought to a life a southern classic for everyone to smoke on. 


Root Beer

Growing up, who didn’t love soda? Root beer is a classic drinkable flavor that has won the hearts of many, but not too many people have wrapped their cannabis with it. Juicy Jay's has created papers that accurately represent a lot of people’s favorite soft drink, so why not make your joint taste a bit sweeter?


Not everyone enjoys the flavor of licorice, but the people at Juicy Jay's have created a triple-dipped paper that exactly recalls the controversial confection. Even if you’ve never been a fan of the candy, you may find that it compliments cannabis exceptionally well.

Birthday Cake

Some people want to have their cake, and eat it too. Then there are some people who want to have their cake, eat it and then smoke it. Juicy Jay’s Birthday Cake is a great way to celebrate your birthday or get a fix for your sweet tooth.

(Cover Image Courtesy of grassyhutt.com)

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