Canadian Province Doubling Down on Public Smoking Restrictions

Adult-use cannabis legalization is the cause of this Canadian province doubling down on public smoking restrictions.
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It looks like Nova Scotia will be limiting where you can smoke before Canada legalizes weed late this summer. This Canadian province doubling down on public smoking restrictions is looking to amend its Smoke-Free Places Act. If the provincial government passes this amendment, smokers of tobacco and marijuana alike will face steep fines for smoking in cars and some public places. So what exactly are these new restrictions? Do they aim to completely prevent people from consuming legal recreational cannabis altogether?

What Are The New Restrictions?

The amendment to the Smoke-Free Places Act would apply to both marijuana and tobacco. The new regulations would prevent smoking within 20 meters of an outdoor sports center or playground, on a beach or in a park (except in a campsite) and within 9 meters of hiking trails.

The fine for breaking any of these laws would be a maximum of $2,000. So it looks like you can forget about toking up during an early morning hike to watch the sunrise more vividly. Those who hoped to do so will surely be disappointed.

What Motivated This Amendment?

The goal behind the proposed amendment is to limit marijuana smoking before legalization, after which it will become much more prevalent.

Justice Minister and Attorney General Mark Furey explains to CBC News, “It was important to align the consumption of cannabis with the consumption of cigarette smoke in public spaces.”

According to Health Minister Randy Delorey, Nova Scotian authorities want to limit children’s exposure to second-hand smoke. This applies to cigarettes and marijuana alike. They also don’t want children to have access to vapes.

Not only is this a health concern but, according to Delorey, “we don’t want to normalize the practice.”

It looks like this province wants to curb weed smoking as much as possible.

New Restrictions Also Apply To Cars

Not only is this Canadian province doubling down on public smoking restrictions, but Nova Scotia hopes to update its smoking and driving laws. You won’t be able to smoke cigarettes in a car used for work. The exception would be if it’s your car and you’re alone. Smoking with children in the car will be completely illegal.

The amendment will completely outlaw smoking weed in a car as a driver or passenger.

Final Hit: Canadian Province Doubling Down on Public Smoking Restrictions

While you will still be able to smoke weed in public places in Nova Scotia once it’s legal, where you can do so will be extremely limited. Of course, smoking in private homes will still be allowed, but only if permitted in the lease.

As Canadian weed becomes more accessible, where, with whom and what you smoke becomes increasingly regulated by the government.

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