Carl’s Jr. to Launch CBD-Infused Burger in Denver Location This 420

Carl’s Jr. is about to make fast food history with the launch of a new CBD burger.
Carl's Jr. to Launch CBD-Infused Burger in Denver Location This 420

It is not at all uncommon for companies to climb onto the 4/20 bandwagon and release specialty weed-themed products in honor of the unofficial cannabis holiday.

And this year, the fast food industry is making a splash. Specifically, Carl’s Jr. will become the first major fast food chain in the country to release a cannabis-infused food product.

The burger chain recently announced that it will sell a brand new CBD-infused burger this Saturday only.

Introducing the Rocky Mountain High CBD Burger

The new burger is called the Rocky Mountain High: CheeseBurger Delight. And according to Business Insider, the burger is supposed to include two beef patties topped with pickled jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, french fries, and the real star—a brand new, CBD-infused Santa Fe Sauce.

For now, the specialty burger will only be sold at the Carl’s Jr. located at 4050 Colorado Blvd., in Denver, Colorado.

The restaurant will start selling the CBD burger at 6 a.m. this Saturday. And it will sell the sandwich for as long as supplies last.

Carl’s Jr. will sell the Rocky Mountain High CBD burger for—you guessed it—$4.20.

Of course, because the burger will contain only CBD and no THC, don’t expect to get high from it.

But the specialty sauce could have enough CBD in it to give consumers some of the gentle therapeutic benefits the cannabinoid is known for producing.

When consumed as part of the whole cannabis plant, CBD helps counteract and mellow out some of the psychoactive effects of THC.

And when consumed alone, as it is in CBD-infused products like Carl’s Jr. new burger, CBD reportedly provides a number of health and therapeutic benefits.

These can include bodily relaxation and painkilling properties. Similarly, CBD can help some people cope with anxiety and high levels of stress, as well as a range of other health conditions.

Will Carl’s Jr. CBD Burger Become a Regular Menu Item?

According to Business Insider, Carl’s Jr. will be paying close attention to how well the CBD burger performs this weekend.

And if the company likes what it sees, it may roll out the new sandwich as a regular menu item.

Of course, because it’s a cannabis-derived product, the company may have to navigate some tricky legal waters.

But with CBD rapidly moving into the mainstream, and important legal changes that favor CBD derived from hemp, CBD products tend to be easier to move onto the market than products containing THC.

Companies Love 4/20

This is far from the first time a large company has sold specialty products around April 20.

In fact, for some companies, it’s become something of a tradition to release weed-themed goods this time of year.

One of the more well-known examples of this is Nike. For years now, the massive shoe company has released a limited edition 420 sneaker.

The shoe design always includes some sort of nod to cannabis and cannabis culture. Past years saw the release of special hemp sneakers, outer space-themed “spaced out” sneakers, and other similar designs.

This year’s model is reportedly called the SB Dunk Dog Walker. Breaking from past years, the weed theme is much more subtle this year, as the body includes fur and Dalmatian spots. But the main body of the shoe is green, arguably its most obvious hint at weed.

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