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High Times is ‘Playing with Fire’, now distributing The Jungle Boys throughout the brand’s California retail network.
Jungle Boys

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my distinct pleasure to let you all know about some new heat that has just become available to the cannabis-consuming citizens of California. Having just dropped from the gods over at Jungle Boys, and for the first time ever available across the High Times Market & Delivery ecosystem, here’s all the info on the first hype drop from High Times.

Let’s Take A Step Back & Note the History

When I first arrived in California, back in 2014, the cannabis landscape was far different than it is today. Back then, in the caregiver days before Prop. 64 passed, there were only a handful of true brands in the market. Sure, there were a lot of cultivators growing some great weed, and many even selling it successfully, but this was still before everyone in the industry was focused on standing out with a logo or an attractive Mylar. In those days there were only a few real-deal players, and much of the industry hadn’t even begun to think about how they wanted to actually present themselves to the world⁠—they just knew that they had weed and consumers wanted it.

Although the space was still maturing, by this point there were already some clear front runners in the game. While the folklore of California cannabis was thriving in New York, where I had just moved from, there were very few cultivators being name-checked back east yet. However, there was one name I knew before I even stepped on the plane out here⁠—what my friends back home told me was the mountain top as far as premium green goes, and that name was the Jungle Boys.

Now, while I didn’t get here until 2014 it’s important to note that the Jungle Boys had been doing their thing for nearly a decade by this point. Having opened up their first dispensary back in 2005, by almost a decade later The Jungle Boys had become a house-hold name for those paying attention to the space in California. With tales of their flowers already permeating the East coast and overseas, The Jungle Boys actually became the first real cannabis brand that I was aware of, long before I ever participated in the burgeoning legal industry.

How serendipitous it is that now, over seven years later, I’m here to introduce you to the five cultivars from the Jungle Boys latest drop! Pinch me!

The Fire on Display

The Jungle Boys latest drop brings five cultivars to High Times menus across California, including Florida Sunrise #22 (Green Crack x TK BX1), Sour Apple Killer (NBK x Sunset Sherbert x Sour Apple), Mike Larry #9 (Gelato #45 x Larry OG F8), Triangle Larry #1 (Triangle Kush x Larry OG) and Frosted Kush (Frosted Cakes x TK BX1), and honestly, just calling these guys fire seems to undersell the heat we’ve got on our hands here… I’d argue that these are closer to molten lava.

Having received my pack late Friday afternoon, and naturally breaking right into it, let me just say⁠—this weekend was a serious blur! While I’m used to smoking the best flowers California has to offer, it’s worth noting for those at home that these ARE NOT entry level buds⁠—this is the stuff that’s going to have you tasting nirvana. If you’ve heard enough and are ready to score, head on over to to cop yours now, or continue reading on for my thoughts on each strain…

The Jungle Boys Cultivar Download

When I received my packs the first thing I tried to do was sort them by what I consider an ‘indica index’. This means I went through all the cultivars, noted their crosses, and ranked them in the order I believed would be closest to not knocking me out while I had things to do. This was futile, as all of these strains kicked my ass.

Jungle Boys

The first flavor I tried, the Sour Apple Killer, certainly lived up to its name. Despite partaking at around 6 p.m., it’s worth noting that this strain could also be called ‘Cement Shoes’ because you’re bound to be moving slower after this one. With a nose that definitely touches the sour apple candy flavoring we all know from our childhood, there’s another interesting note to the aroma that reminds me of the flavored lemonades you’d get at amusement parks⁠—an intoxicating sweetness with a tinge of funk on the finish. While the buds are as picturesque as anything you’d expect to see in our pages, I’ve got to give it up to this one for having an original terp profile⁠—this flower doesn’t smell like most of the others dominating the market right now, and that’s a good thing.

Jungle Boys

Next up I broke into the Mike Larry. With buds even more beautiful than the Sour Apple, the nose on this one is closer to what you’d expect when smelling fresh cannabis⁠—more earthy and nutty than the previous specimen, with a much more plant-like feel. While this may seem like a dig, to me this is what true cannabis should be, and what a lot of the older generation seems to look for. It doesn’t seem like the smells involved are unnatural, or that the buds came from another planet. It seems like this is a flower grown correctly – the pinnacle of natural. While I know there are a lot of people out there seeking out the latest and greatest tech advancements to stress their buds into another form, this one’s for the diehards looking to increase the power of their hits, without smoking what seems like a new plant.

Since I tried the pure, I figured the cultivar that made the most sense to try next was the Larry cross, Triangle Larry. While clearly still playing off the natural tones of the plant, the Triangle Larry has a much more vibrant nose, with an almost menthol chill at the end. It’s worth mentioning that the terp profiles on each of these plants stands significantly on its own, and even though two of these products are crossed by the same cultivar, each flower is clearly in a league of its own. I should also mention here that this was, in my opinion, the cleanest high of the bunch. While still packing significant slowing power, the Triangle Larry was also a motivator⁠—not only propelling me to accomplish the chores I had been delaying, but also to keep coming back for some more hits!

Next up was the Florida Sunrise. I had actually saved this one for Sunday morning as given it’s a Green Crack cross, this was the pick I had made for a daytime smoke that may help my productivity. While I’m not going to front that Sunday was the most productive day I’ve had, I will say that floating around in the pool high off the Florida Sunrise was a special treat. Similar to the Triangle Larry, the nose on the Florida Sunrise was equally standout, with sweet and citrusy elements strong on the front, and an almost minty / menthol finish, and the flavor of the smoke was equally enjoyable. I’d definitely recommend this one for your next beach day, and remember to invite your crew⁠—you’re going to want to show this one off.

Jungle Boys

Finally, and the pick I saved to close out this review, was the Frosted Kush. This one’s a favorite for me, a timeless heavy hitter that’s going to smack you like it’s your first time even if you’re the most experienced smoker on the block. Continuing with the unique terp profiles, this is another with a strong and refreshing menthol smell that tickles your nose every time, this is the one that⁠—while supposedly a 60/40 hybrid⁠—will surely slow you down. Saving this for a nightcap is a good idea, but really anytime you’re trying to chill out and relax a bit, the Frosted Kush will be a strong ally.

Where to Buy

Overall, and in case you can’t tell from the praise heaped above, this is a strong ‘Buy’ rating from me. You can’t really go wrong with a Jungle Boys cop, and now that High Times not only has stores across the state, but delivery services where you don’t even need to leave your house in order to score, it’s never been easier to ‘play with fire’ yourself. While this is just the first of many drops coming from the Jungle Boys to the High Times ecosystem, don’t miss your chance to cop the first drop! Visit now to get your bags delivered, or see where you can go grab them yourself!

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