8 of The Craziest Weed Conspiracies That Might Be True

There are some out-there theories that people believe. But what are some of the craziest weed conspiracies that might be true?
8 of The Craziest Weed Conspiracies That Might Be True

Big Pharma Helps Keep Weed Illegal

8 of The Craziest Weed Conspiracies That Might Be True

Weed stays illegal on a federal level in the US. But its long history of prohibition relies on lies marketed to the masses about the plant. Those lies are supported by the villain of this weed conspiracy, Big Pharma.

It’s no surprise that Big Pharma profits from the illegality of weed. Other drugs like opiates made by these companies can be legally prescribed and are sold in mass quantities across the country.

Though marijuana could serve as a pain management treatment for these conditions, Big Pharma and the medical community come together and continue to steer patients to their medications and profit from possible addiction.

For instance, makers of synthetic marijuana Syndros used profits from selling their fake bud to contribute to groups opposing weed legalization in Arizona.

More fact than conspiracy, Big Pharma definitely has a hand in ensuring weed stays illegal. They stand to directly benefit from its continued prohibition. So this story definitely holds some truth more than other weed conspiracies. But just how much is still a mystery.

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