8 of The Craziest Weed Conspiracies That Might Be True

There are some out-there theories that people believe. But what are some of the craziest weed conspiracies that might be true?
8 of The Craziest Weed Conspiracies That Might Be True

When it comes to marijuana, the truth is out there. But where? That needs a little more work to figure out. The internet offers an assortment of hoaxes and myths about the dank stuff. But conspiracies about weed have been passed around since people have picked the herb and smoked it. Here are the craziest weed conspiracies that might be true.

Weed Helped Build the Pyramids

8 of The Craziest Weed Conspiracies That Might Be True

Few things bring awe as much as the pyramids of Egypt. Many theorists think that the monuments in the sand were built with the leadership of extraterrestrial life. More likely, these huge edifices were just built on the backs of thousands of slaves.

But who’s to say these hard workers didn’t enjoy a smoke sesh to help the work day move along? Evidence shows that they were the first to use pot as a medicinal treatment for cancer and inflammation.

Also, Egyptians employed the versatile hemp plant for a number of goods, like textiles and rope. Furthermore, that rope itself served as a critical component of many pulley systems that helped build the pyramids.

They even ritually buried their leaders in tombs with the herb as they embraced the afterlife. Maybe Egyptians toking while slaving away on the pyramids is just another weed conspiracy.

But considering how much the plant already benefited the society, it isn’t a stretch to think break-time bud maintained that progress in the ancient desert.

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