Cynthia Nixon Plans To Improve Racial Justice By Legalizing Weed

Cynthia Nixon plans to improve racial justice by legalizing weed, as stated in a recently released video.
Cynthia Nixon Plans To Improve Racial Justice By Legalizing Weed

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon announced last week that she’s running for governor of New York. During a private fundraiser, Nixon came out in support of recreational marijuana. Today, she clarified her stance on marijuana on Twitter. Cynthia Nixon plans to improve racial justice by legalizing weed. Here’s what we know about this gubernatorial candidate’s marijuana platform.

Why Cynthia Nixon Supports Legalizing Recreational Marijuana in New York

This actress turned politician plans to improve racial justice by legalizing weed, as announced on Twitter. In a video she posted, Nixon explains, “I believe it’s time for New York to follow the lead of eight other states and D.C., and legalize recreational marijuana.”

Nixon is making marijuana a big part of her political campaign. “There are a lot of good reasons for legalizing marijuana,” she continues, “but for me it comes down to this: We have to stop putting people of color in jail for something that white people do with impunity.”

Cynthia Nixon goes on to list some alarming statistics. According to Nixon, black or Latino New Yorkers make up 80 percent of those arrested for cannabis. This is “despite the fact that whites and people of color use marijuana at roughly the same rates.”

New York Is Publishing Arrest Demographics

After a recent bill passage, the New York Police Department must publish arrest demographics online. This is following a City Council hearing in which evidence substantiated the claim that the police discriminate against people of color.

At this hearing, the City Council heard a report that found that 86 percent of people the police arrest for marijuana are Black or Latino. This doesn’t correspond to the population of New York City as only 52 percent are Black or Latino.

These figures are even higher than those Cynthia Nixon lists, but the trend is the same. Black and Latino New Yorkers are ten times more likely to be arrested for marijuana than Whites.

The Current Approach To Changing Arrest Demographics

The NYPD is now publishing arrest data in hopes to hold the police force accountable for racially-motivated arrests. The authorities will publish these reports quarterly.

The data will include low-level possessions and summonses divided by borough and precinct. Furthermore, the report will sort arrests by gender, race and age.

Cynthia Nixon’s Approach To Curbing Racial Disparities In Police Arrests

Per her Twitter video, Cynthia Nixon plans to improve racial justice by legalizing weed. Specifically, this gubernatorial candidate is concerned about the difficulties of having an arrest record. “The consequences follow people for the rest of their lives,” Nixon explains, “making it harder to get jobs, or housing.”

She adds that the threat of arrest poses a danger to immigrants. “And for non-citizens, putting them in the crosshairs for deportation.”

Legalizing recreational marijuana is an important step in reducing arrests and incarceration rates. It would also be of huge financial benefit to the state. Cynthia Nixon is optimistic about what marijuana could do in New York.

Nixon says, “In addition to ending a key front in the racist war on drugs, regulating and taxing marijuana would generate hundreds of millions of dollars of tax revenue for our people and create important agricultural opportunities for our state.”

We’ve seen this phenomenon in states with legal recreational marijuana. Nevada earned $3.68 million in tax revenue during the first month of legalization.

According to the Colorado Department of Revenue, the state collected half a billion dollars in taxes. The State is using this income to fund education and build much-needed housing.

Final Hit: Cynthia Nixon Plans To Improve Racial Justice By Legalizing Weed

Cynthia Nixon plans to improve racial justice by legalizing weed and provide the state with increased tax revenue.

She also raises the important point that New York is a democratic state, but marijuana is far from legal.

“In 2018, in a blue state like New York, marijuana shouldn’t even be an issue,” Nixon says, concluding her announcement.

This actress believes that she has the “political courage” to make recreational marijuana—including justice reform and increased state revenue—a reality of New York.

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