First Women-Owned Cannabis and Hemp CBD Laboratory Gets Certified By WBENC

Green Leaf Laboratory has just received certification by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.
First Women-Owned Cannabis and Hemp CBD Laboratory Gets Certified By WBENC

In a major, history-defining move, Green Leaf Laboratory just got certified as the first-ever, woman-owned, cannabis and CBD Hemp laboratory—a huge, bold move for women in the industry and across the U.S.

Calling themselves “pioneers in cannabis and hemp science,” and featuring women at work in the STEM field prominently on their website, Green Leaf are living up to their promise with this new designation. 

Green Leaf Lab has been officially certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), and is located in Oregon and California. This designation is not given easily, and it took some time for Green Leaf to get it, but now, it’s set in stone. Described as “meticulous and complex” in a press release, the WBENC only certifies those they deem worthy. 

This is also a big deal because, as of yet, they are the first business to receive this certification. 

The drive behind the company is to provide the best services possible to the local cannabis community, something that is reflected in the company’s practices. 

“Not only do we understand and care about the cannabis industry and its needs, but we also understand testing in a regulated environment,” their website claims. “From the beginning to the end of our clients’ production, process and distribution cycle, our commitment to our clients success is unparalleled.”

Women Empowering Women

Rowshan Reordan, CEO and founder of Green Leaf Lab said, “I am joyful and deeply humbled by what we have been able to accomplish over the last decade. We were the first cannabis laboratory to receive license and accreditation by a state agency, showing our commitment to quality science. We are now a certified woman owned business. It has been an incredible journey. I am extremely optimistic about the future for Green Leaf Lab.”

Rowshan is no stranger to the Pacific North West or the cannabis community as a whole. She grew up in the area and got involved with cannabis early on when she witnessed a friend and patient dealing with HIV. The friend turned to cannabis, and Rowshan discovered that there was a serious lack of access to tested and safe cannabis medicine for patients in need.

This inspired her to open her first analytical cannabis testing facility, which was located in Portland, Oregon. She followed up with that by opening a lab in California. While her company has been operational since 2011, it is a big deal to now be officially recognized as a woman-owned business. In 2016, they also made history by becoming the first cannabis lab to be officially licensed and accredited by a state agency.

“As a woman-owned business, I believe in empowering other women.”  Rowshan added.

In addition to believing in empowering women and providing top-notch quality control to the cannabis industry, Green Leaf Lab is also passionate about social justice and social change and contributes to STEM, Girls Inc., and other organizations.

Now that the first designation has officially been given to a female-owned, cannabis lab, more will hopefully follow suit, as diversity in the industry continues to grow.

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