Mother Sentenced After Giving Her 4-Year-Old Daughter A Pot Gummy

Mother Sentenced After Giving Her 4-Year-Old Daughter A Pot Gummy
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We just heard the latest about a mother sentenced after giving her 4-year-old daughter a pot gummy. If you’re not up to date with the absolute insanity that some parents are responsible for, we’ll fill you in.

Vanessa Smith

According to the police reports, the mother who was sentenced after giving her four-year-old daughter a pot gummy is Vanessa Smith. She’s a 30-year-old resident of the city of Casper in Wyoming.

Over the summer, in July, Smith pled guilty to charges of abuse against her daughter.

In the summer, Smith’s sister paid a visit to her home. The sister couldn’t help but notice that her young niece’s behavior seemed a bit off. Naturally, she asked Smith what was going on with the child.

Smith’s boyfriend, who was also present, said that the mother had given the four-year-old a cannabis-infused gummy candy the night before.

The reason that the couple gave? To calm the child down.

Smith’s sister was disturbed by the situation and decided to take action by calling the Wyoming Department of Family Services.

DFS arrived and obtained a urine sample from the child. Predictably, it tested positive for THC.

For a four-year-old, this is an unusual reading and one that is cause for alarm.

DFS took the appropriate next steps and got the Casper police department involved.

During a search of Smith’s residence, officers found even more things that raised concern. The search yielded bags with methamphetamine residue, meth-related paraphernalia (read: meth pipes), an assortment of pills and weed edibles. They found additional edibles in Smith’s purse.

According to reports, Smith had recently returned from Colorado, where cannabis is legal. She purchased the edibles from a dispensary. The meth was likely purchased elsewhere.

Is Drugging Kids Ever OK?

When we heard about this mother sentenced after giving her four-year-old daughter a pot gummy, we had to take pause. Is this the new incarnation of dosing your kid with Benadryl to make them sleepy?

While states like Colorado are doing all they can to prevent children from accidentally ingesting cannabis-infused candy, Vanessa Smith was knowingly feeding her young child a weed gummy.

The available reports don’t include the exact strength of the gummy in question. But it doesn’t matter either way. Unless a kid is prescribed cannabis by a doctor, they shouldn’t be ingesting it in any form.

We also don’t know if Smith gave her daughter a whole weed gummy, or if she administered a small piece. Given that Smith is apparently also a meth and pill enthusiast, chances are, she wasn’t too careful with the dose.

Final Hit: Mother Sentenced After Giving her 4-Year-Old Daughter a Pot Gummy

Mother Sentenced After Giving Her 4-Year-Old Daughter A Pot Gummy

Smith initially pled not guilty to the felony charges of delivery of marijuana to a minor and child endangerment. However, she changed her plea to guilty. The judge handed her a suspended sentence of four to five years in prison. If she successfully completes probation, she will not have to go to jail.

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