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Rapper Daz Dillinger Faces Felony Charges After Home Drug Bust

Daz released two albums this year, Dazamataz and Smoke Me Out.

Rapper Daz Dillinger Faces Felony Charges After Home Drug Bust
Rafe Baron/ Flickr

Delmar Drew Arnaud, better-known as the rapper Daz Dillinger, is in the Cobb County clink tonight, booked on 13 felony drug counts stemming from a police drug raid at his Georgia home on Tuesday. Daz, who is 45 years old, is facing a dozen felony drug charges for possession of a controlled substance. The thirteenth charge is for possession of more than one ounce of marijuana.

Daz Dillinger Hit With 13 Felony Drug Counts, Including One for “Cannabis Lean”

Five months after calling on his fans to attack Kanye West, Daz Dillinger was in handcuffs outside his home in Powder Springs, Georgia. In fact, it was likely Daz’s comments regarding Kanye that brought him to the attention of police in the first place.

It’s almost hard to remember that five months ago, Kanye West sparked outrage from fans and foes alike after going public with his support for Donald Trump. Remember the infamous “slavery was a choice” statement Kanye made? Many condemned and criticized Kanye’s comments, but Daz took it to the next level. Putting out a call to the Crips, Daz told them to “f*ck Kanye up.” Daz later said police hassled him over the Kanye threat, telling him they were investigating his statements. That investigation ultimately fizzled out.

But Daz was on police’s radar. And on Tuesday, they raided his home twenty miles north of Atlanta. What they found reads like the inventory of a cannabis shop, if those were legal in Georgia. (The state has limited medical legalization of CBD oils with a cap of 5 percent THC.)

There were THC cartridges and THC oils. THC vaporizers and weed—about 117 grams of weed, to be precise. And police also discovered a container in Daz’s home studio with the label “Cannabis Lean”. That would be some heavy stuffy if Daz had infused sizzurp with cannabis.

Daz Dillinger’s Rap Career On Pause

Daz began his rap career producing tracks for the legendary Death Row Records. He made his debut as a performer on his cousin’s debut album, Doggystyle. Daz is Snoop’s cousin. In the mid-90s, Daz collaborated with Kurupt on their double-platinum album Tha Dogg Pound. Back at the boards this year, Daz has released two albums already. Dazamataz dropped in February, and Smoke Me Out came out in April.

For now, however, the rap game is on hold while Daz sits in jail on $15,000 bond. It hasn’t been a good month for rappers in Georgia. Ty Dolla $ign was arrested for coke and weed just a couple weeks ago. Somebody in Daz’s crew has to have that kind of cash on hand though, right?

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