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10 Best THC Cartridges of 2017

There are tons of THC cartridges to choose from, here are some of this year’s best.

10 Best THC Cartridges Of 2017

If you don’t have the time or cash to buy and try them all yourself, we put together a list of the best THC cartridges of 2017.

THC cartridges are one of the most convenient and stealthy ways to get high on the go. They’ve been rapidly growing in popularity over the past year. As a result, the market is now saturated with tons of brands to choose from. How is a consumer supposed to decide? You won’t know what you’re getting until you buy it, try it and have it lab tested.

Until then, here are our recommendations for the best THC cartridges of 2017.

10. hmbldt

10 Best THC Cartridges of 2017

Hmbldt has a line of disposable vaporizers designed for medical marijuana patients. Each of their vaporizers come labeled with the precise levels of THC, CBD and more.

Pros: Small, portable and easy to use. Works straight out of the packaging. Just inhale from the mouthpiece side until you feel the device vibrate. That’s a full dose. Every hit is smooth and clean. Use the device until it’s empty, then you can toss it away and replace it.

Cons: They’re expensive, and they don’t last long.

Why We Like It: They’re convenient with precise doses for medical patients.

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