Run The Jewels Announces New Cannabis Line

RTJ has a new line of Mary Jane!
Run The Jewels Announces New Cannabis Line
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If celebrity-branded cannabis is your jam, you’re in luck, because Run The Jewels just announced a new cannabis line to share with their fans. 

The well-known hip-hop collective is a favorite of both indie fans and more mainstream listeners, and they just released their fourth record, RTJ4, as well as a new song and music video, “JU$T,” which focuses on the intensity that has been 2020 so far. 

“I worked closely with Run The Jewels to create a satirical time-capsule of 2020 thus far, capturing the sentiment of their song using collage animation,” says Winston Hacking of Pulse Films, who made the video. “Drawing on the influence of Public Enemy’s classic ‘Shut ‘Em Down’ video, we combined cut up images from contemporary and historical events into a psychedelic protest vignette, a visual fuck you to systemic racism.”

As well as attacking systemic racism in their lyrics and videos, they are also focusing on diversifying their efforts with cannabis. Hip-hop has long been a genre that partners with the cannabis world, and this looks like another successful iteration of that same formula. 

A Collaborative Effort

The new line is a collaboration with LEMONNADE, a cannabis company that focuses on sativa-leaning cannabis products and is affiliated with the brand Cookies as a sister company. The new strain is called “Ooh La La” after the Run The Jewels song and comes packaged several different ways. Flavors of sweet fruit cake, herbal tea, and vanilla frosting are said to be present in the flavor profile of the blunt. 

“The sister brand to Cookies, LEMONNADE, is the highest form of the grower’s art,” their website explains regarding their flavor profiles and products. “A sativa-focused family of strains and products created for those in search of an upbeat and euphoric experience. The company and its overall vertical integration and seed-to-sale business allows for complete quality control at every step—from cultivation and production to retail experience.” 

“We couldn’t be more excited to announce our cannabis partnership with the legendary Cookies and sister-company LEMONNADE on our first branded strain, ‘Ooh La La,’” Run The Jewels says in the announcement of their new line. “This collab with our homie Berner—the Bay-Area rapper and entrepreneur who built Cookies into one of the largest cannabis brands in the world—is based on a shared love of music, cannabis, and advocacy. 

“This hybrid strain merges LEMONNADE’s sativa focus with RTJ’s indica appreciation to achieve the ideal hybrid strain. ‘Ooh La La’ flexes an aroma of spice cake and frosting plus flavor of sweet fruit cake with an herbal tea chaser, delivers a sensory-heightening head high and a light body feel. More fyah!!”

In addition to loose flower, Run The Jewels fans can also buy pre-rolls, vapes, extracts, and blunts. As of now, the products will be available in California, specifically in Merced, Modesto, La Mesa, San Diego, Oakland, Redding, and Hayward, as well as at the LEMONNADE store in Sacramento. It can also be purchased from select stores in Michigan, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Illinois later on this year.

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