This State Could Have Medical Marijuana By Summer

This state could have medical marijuana by summer 2018. Which will be the next to take the plunge?
This State Could Have Medical Marijuana By Summer

It has been nearly two years since Louisiana legalized the leaf for medicinal purposes. But patients have been wondering when they will have access to this medicine. Fortunately, the wait could be over in a matter of months. Local reports indicate that this state could have medical marijuana by summer.

Medical Marijuana Is Coming

Rx Greenhouse received approval last month from the Louisiana Pharmacy Board to distributed cannabis products. It is the first medical marijuana dispensary in the state with this permission. The company won over eight applicants.

If all goes according to plan, Rx Greenhouse will open its doors in New Orleans at the beginning of September. CEO and Dr. Sajal Roy, who is also a pharmacist, will oversee the operation.

But the licensing deal is not final. The Pharmacy Board must still put its seal of approval on the location. However, Roy says he is “confident” that the dispensary will not face any snags. This conviction comes from experience. RX Greenhouse was also the first dispensary to open in Maryland.

“So, this isn’t our first rodeo,” Roy told reporters. “We know how to work with the providers in the area.”

Medical Marijuana Quick Fix

When Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signed Senate Bill 271, the goal was to create a comprehensive medical marijuana program. But the marijuana reform community snubbed this legislation.

Many consider the law a quick fix to a decades-old medical marijuana program for which nobody ever had access. But the guts of the program are just as good as others. It allows patients suffering from more than 10 serious health conditions, including cancer and seizure disorders, to use medicinal cannabis.

Unlike other medical marijuana states, Louisiana forces patients to renew their certification every 30 days. This ensures patients maintain a legitimate connection with their doctors.

Last year, Southern University and Louisiana State University worked with contractors to grow marijuana and process it. According to the language of the law, marijuana can only be grown under the supervision of these agricultural centers.

The goal of this move was to find cultivation experts able to produce quality cannabis products for Louisiana patients. Similar to New York’s medical marijuana program, smoking is not allowed. Therefore, companies must manufacture pills, creams and oils for retail sale.

Final Hit: This State Could Have Medical Marijuana By Summer

When it is all said and done, the state Pharmacy Board will approve nine dispensaries to service the entire state. But patients with a recommendation to use medical marijuana might not have an easy time getting this medicine.

There is not yet any word on when the rest of the licenses will be distributed. Still, Rx Greenhouse will be there to offer its assistance.

“We know how to make sure patients understand the medication they are getting [and] how to use it,” Roy said.

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