Teacher Unknowingly Dosed By A Student’s Space Cake Prank

In the small French town of Mennecy, there was a teacher unknowingly dosed by a student’s space cake prank. Here’s the madness that quickly ensued.
Teacher Unknowingly Dosed By A Student's Space Cake Prank

We just heard about a teacher unknowingly dosed by a student’s space cake prank. The results of this little joke were predictable, to say the least. What happened to the days of pranking teachers by getting everyone in the class to drop their pens at the same time or switching names and seats? Here’s what happened at this small-town high school.

A Joke Gone Wrong

Teacher Unknowingly Dosed By A Student's Space Cake Prank

In a high school in the French town of Mennecy, one teacher just wanted to do something fun for the students.

The teacher, whose name has not been publicized, organized a potluck for the teenaged students in the class. One student was apparently really into this idea. So much so that he decided to bring a homemade contribution rather than just picking up some snacks from a local pâtisserie. But like many ideas, this student’s went just a bit too far.

The fifteen-year-old lycéen made a space cake. As in, a cannabis-infused cake.

When the class party rolled around, the student served up his baked treats to his classmates and teacher. But here’s the thing. He neglected to let anyone in on his secret ingredient.

According to reports, it wasn’t just the teacher unknowingly dosed by student’s space cake prank; seven other students unwittingly ate the edible as well.

As the class continued, those seven students exhibited all the classic signs of being stoned. They were struck by “uncontrollable laughter” and the munchies. Because they didn’t realize they ingested an edible, they decided to go to the infirmary. The school nurse diagnosed them with low blood sugar. It is unclear whether the nurse had any inkling as to what had actually happened.

The teacher, however, was affected pretty negatively.

He or she apparently started sweating and had “big wide eyes.” While it’s unknown how much of the space cake the teacher ate, we can venture a guess that it was just a touch too much.

The students were still baked when they went home, and the next day, their urine was screened. They all tested positive for THC. Quelle surprise. 

Pot Pranks

Teacher Unknowingly Dosed By A Student's Space Cake Prank

The school administration wasn’t too happy about this prank and suspended the responsible student for eight days. The parents of the affected students have allegedly complained to the police as well.

This is far from the first time a student used pot for a prank.

In 2013, another French student secretly dosed his classmates and teachers with space cake. His affected classmates and teachers even went to the hospital, thinking they had a gnarly case of food poisoning. That prankster student was 21 and was handed a suspended jail sentence, as well as 180 hours of community service.

Similar to the first case mentioned, the teacher had a bad reaction to the herb. He allegedly thought he was a bird; hospital staff had to keep him isolated to prevent him from hurting himself.

Final Hit: Teacher Unknowingly Dosed By A Student’s Space Cake Prank

We can all agree that edibles can be a suitable alternative to smoking weed.

And once you get the hang of cannabis-infused cooking, experimenting with different recipes can be a lot of fun!

But we can all also agree that secretly dosing people with edibles just isn’t cool. While it probably won’t do any serious, long-term harm, it’s still a violation of that person’s trust and autonomy. And it’s definitely not a good idea to prank your teacher this way. If you really want to play a practical joke, it’s probably best to just stick to the basics and get everyone in the class to casually call your teacher by their first name.

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