Woman Busted After Using A Bible to Smuggle Weed Into Jail

The woman busted after using a bible to smuggle weed into jail definitely didn’t think this one through.
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At this point, smuggling marijuana has become a societal norm. Individuals in weed-legal states even continue the practice— big or small.  Unfortunately, hat’s not going to change anytime soon. However, what has changed, are the odd and creative ways these individuals have concocted in order to successfully carry out their missions. But despite their grandeur efforts, most of these people don’t find sustained success in their endeavors, which is why we find out about them in the first place. The latest example of botchery came at the expense of an inept woman busted after using a bible to smuggle weed into jail.

A Futile Attempt

Ashley Despain, a woman hailing from the town of Nevada, Missouri, now faces a Class-D felony for delivery or possession of a controlled substance in a jail after she attempted to smuggle weed through a Catholic bible.

According to the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office, Despain went to the local jail and asked if she could give a bible to one of the inmates. A detention officer at the jail did a routine check and found there was weed and methamphetamines stashed in plain view.

Vernon County Sherrif Jason Moshier said that this is certainly the precinct’s first time dealing with such an odd smuggling attempt. However, he wasn’t surprised at the results

“If you show up at the Sheriff’s Office with drugs, you shouldn’t be surprised when you get arrested,” Mosher said.

Despain currently remains in the Vernon County Jail on a $5,000 bond.

Final Hit: Woman Busted After Using A Bible to Smuggle Weed Into Jail

It’s unclear if the inmate who was supposed to be on the receiving end of the bible got into any trouble themselves, but Despain’s head-scratching attempt appears to be the act of someone working alone.

However, this is solely based off of the notion that almost ANY other person of stable mind would tell her it’s a bad idea.

Unfortunately, his isn’t the first time for a methamphetamine and weed-related incident to occur in the Missouri area. Back in February, a woman who had just recently bonded out of jail after getting caught with meth and weed caused a horrific accident on Highway 43.

With Missouri, a notably stringent state on marijuana policy, making its best efforts to legalize the plant for medicinal purposes, it’s incidents like these that could cause legislators to think twice.

But it’s pretty obvious if there’s any common denominator in these questionable incidents, it’s the methamphetamine. It’s safe to say we can leave weed out of this.

And if we’re being completely honest here, this latest case of misjudgment while attempting to smuggle controlled substances is just downright laughable.

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