The 7 Countries With The Strictest Weed Laws

What are the countries with the strictest weed laws?
The 7 Countries With The Strictest Weed Laws

2. Indonesia

The 7 Countries With The Strictest Weed Laws

Indonesia has over 7,000 km of coastline, which makes it almost impossible to stop smugglers from importing heroin, ecstasy, and amphetamines. This does not mean, however, that their drug laws are lax.

Indonesian law divides drugs into three groups, the first comprising most recreational drugs. Unfortunately, marijuana and hashish are lumped into the same category as cocaine, meth, and heroin.

Sentences for possession of these drugs range from four to twelve years in prison. And fines are tens of thousands of US dollars.

If you have over 1kg of marijuana or over 5 grams of cocaine or heroin, you typically receive life imprisonment. Jail time for trafficking any of these substances ranges from 5 to 15 years in prison. The Indonesian Anti-Narcotics Agency can sentence you to death if you traffic more than the above-described quantities.

Though the United States Embassy will help you out if you’re arrested, know that Indonesia has a complicated history when it comes to foreigners and drugs.

In 2005, the Indonesian court sentenced nine foreigners of various origins, known as the Bali Nine, to life in prison and death after they attempted to smuggle 18 lbs of heroin to Australia.

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