The Best Therapeutic Products to Help You Keep Your 2019 Wellness Resolutions

Making wellness a habit means investing in your overall health. Here’s a list of outstanding products that will help you transcend in 2019.
The Best Therapeutic Products to Help You Keep Your 2019 Wellness Resolutions
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Keeping your New Year’s resolution becomes difficult when the stressors of life become overwhelming. When this happens we tend to let the (seemingly) less important things fizzle out—and for many of us that includes neglecting our health. But what if you could manage your stress in such a way that your health didn’t fall to the wayside? Incorporating CBD and self-care into your routine might be a way to accomplish this. That’s why we put together a list of products to help you take on life’s challenges with vigor—and less stress—and help you maintain a healthy wellness routine throughout 2019!

The Best Products to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolution
Courtesy of VEDA

VEDA Sport Vape

Balance your vaping this year and puff with a purpose. VEDA Sport Vape is the best choice for experience and efficiency. The natural mint flavor is light and stimulating, and VEDA’s patented formula is quick and effective. Bring your body back to its optimal state of balance in 2019.

Want to get in better shape? Sleep better? Feel better? Do you want to improve your mood, memory, and metabolism? All of this is affected by your endocannabinoid system. The Vape delivers VEDA’s patented isolate vape formula directly into your bloodstream when inhaled. This skips the path traditional CBD solutions take, making it nearly four times as powerful. Make a change in your life this year to make a difference in years to come.

Find us on Instagram and Facebook @VEDAECN.

Price: $35.99. Use coupon code: “2019” for 15 percent off.

The Best Products to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolution
Courtesy of Cannabolish


Taking a break from the daily grind is self-care. And when you need to unwind discreetly, we recommend the natural odor-eliminator: Cannabolish. Effective on fabrics and in the air, Cannabolish sprays and signature candle are designed to make your sessions stress-free and odor-free.  Head to the Cannabolish website for your sweet-smelling gifts!

Prices and Sale: 8 Oz. odor removing spray: $11.99; 2 Oz. spray: $4.99. 7 Oz. odor removing candle: $14.99. Use code “HTGIFT” now through March 30 for 20 percent off all products.



The Best Products to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolution
Courtesy of Kushy Punch

Kushy Punch

Kushy Punch is one of the most trusted brand names in California’s dispensaries. Widely available up and down the Golden State, their little 100mg fruity gummies built a huge cult following for their science-forward consistency and devastating potency (RIP TKO).

KushyCBD is the non-psychoactive sister brand which focuses on cannabidiol. Using the highest quality full spectrum oil and organic, natural ingredients, KushyCBD’s line is super versatile and boasts a classic peach gummy (100mg), omega-3 capsules (30 x 30mg), all-in-one vape (175mg), 510-compatible vape cartridge (650mg), pure oil (600mg), and a mango tincture (450mg).

If you’re looking for a reliable, high-quality CBD product from a company that has served the medical and recreational market for years, look no further than KushyCBD.

Sale: Get 10 percent off first purchase using the code: “hightimes10″

The Best Products to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolution
Courtesy of Altrufuel


Looking to recover from all that New Year’s resolution exercise? Altrufuel has you covered with their CBD recovery blends, Unwind Sleep relaxation and recovery capsules, and a specially formulated post-work-out blend of collagen protein, 20g of collagen, and 20mg of CBD per serving. The blend is designed for enhanced relaxation, muscle recovery, and reduced inflammation.

UNWIND has 25mg CBD– a natural remedy for inflammation and pain relief, improved sleep quality, and alleviation of stress and anxiety. UNWIND also contains proven household herbal sleep aids: 5mg of melatonin and 200mg of valerian root. Get yours now at

Price: Collagen $54.99; Unwind $44.99. Use “hightimes” for 40 percent off your entire purchase!

The Best Products to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolution
Courtesy of Wild Fox Medicinals

White Fox Medicinals

If you’re looking for a product line that blends spirit with wellness—look no further than White Fox Medicinals. From massage oils to salves to tinctures, White Fox Medicinals reaches into the heart of alchemy to bring you strain-specific medicine for daily micro-dosing use.

With a focus on preventative medicine and overall health and vitality, every tincture formula has been specifically created to allow for daily use. And what’s specifically unique about them is that they contain profoundly healing ingredients. For instance, White Fox’s Awareness and Vitality CBD tincture is a blend of organic maca root, organic Cordyceps mushroom, organic Reishi mushroom, organic peppermint, and full spectrum CBD oil.

Their salve is a perfect blend of grounding herbs containing high amounts of THC and CBD to help relieve even the most intense pain. The Awakening massage oil will enhance any massage allowing your nervous system to relax while you tune into higher insight that will help enhance your life. If you’re looking to be well from the inside out in 2019, let White Fox Medicinals take you there.

Price: $35-$58; Sale for first time purchase.

The Best Products to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolution
Courtesy of Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Face Mask and Tonic

Having healthy, glowing skin is difficult. From harsh weather to work stress to taking care of kids, finding time for self-care—let alone a skin routine—can feel nearly impossible. But Four Sigmatic has created a unique product line that’s aiming to change that. Their mushroom face mask is also a tonic. So you’re not just taking care of your skin topically, you’re also treating it internally. What’s more, you know you have an excellent skin care product when you can literally eat it—and nourish your body with stellar ingredients. If your New Year’s resolution is to glow from the inside out, Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Face Mask and Tonic can help facilitate that for you.

Price: $50

The Best Products to Help You Keep Your New Year's ResolutionCourtesy of
Courtesy of Incredibles Wellness

incredibles Wellness

The best part about using THC topically is that it’s not going to get you high, but you’ll still experience the cannabinoid’s healing and relaxing benefits. Combine that with the advantages of eucalyptus and lavender bath salts, and you’ve got yourself a spa-day in the comfort of your own home. Who can say no to a divine body buzz that melts you into supreme relaxation? No one. If your 2019 goals are to focus on cultivating natural relaxation, you’ve come to the right place. incredibles Wellness has you covered.

Price: $45-$50 (available in Colorado dispensaries)

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