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Hot Pot Products: Tumblers, Nutrients, and More

‘Tis the season to treat yourself…and your plants.

Hot Pot Products: Tumblers, Nutrients, and More

It’s that time of year. Get yourself to some top-shelf grow tools.

Tumbling Nice

Hot Pot Products: Tumblers, Nutrients, and More

High Times

$490, 150-gram capacity

Separating trichome-gland heads from trimmed leaves and buds produces unpressed hash that can be smoked or squished into solventless rosin. DL Wholesale’s Bubble Magic Pollen Tumbler is available in 150- (pictured), 500- and 1,500-gram-capacity models. Simply load your frozen plant material and the motor rotates the screen barrel to tumble out your easy-to-collect kief.


Hot Pot Products: Tumblers, Nutrients, and More

High Times

Prices vary

Organic growers know how important additives are in providing their plants with a balanced diet and protecting them from problematic pathogens. The Micros Madness and Bioactive Humates formulations from Suite Leaf Plant Nutrients provide a one-two punch of supplemental success throughout every growth stage. The Micros Madness formulation contains essential micronutrients and works as a chelator while the Bioactive Humates supplement contains humic and fulvic acids to increase soil fertility.

Training Day

Hot Pot Products: Tumblers, Nutrients, and More

High Times

$59.99, starter set; $99,99 standard set

LST, or low-stress training, involves bending branches to create multiple budding sites and increase yields dramatically. The customizable systems from Atlas Plant Trainer secure and hold heavy colas upright and in the light without limiting your ability to move each plant individually. So whether you’re dealing with restrictive plant limits or simply wish to harvest more from each plant, try these out and grow bigger.

Moisture Beater

Hot Pot Products: Tumblers, Nutrients, and More

High Times


Controlling humidity makes the difference between a successful harvest or a room full of powdery mildew. The portable Quest CDG 74 Dehumidifier pulls up to 75 pints of water per day out of the air. Its pleated filter also captures dust, pollen and mold spores. At only 36 inches tall and weighing less than 100 pounds, this 22-gallon-capacity unit is made in the United States and comes with a five-year warranty. Quest Dehumidifiers makes larger portable and overhead units as well.

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