Weed-Infused K-Cups for Your Morning Joe Are Here

It was bound to happen…pot-infused coffee in a K-Cup.

Blended by Fairwinds Manufacturing, the pod includes 10 mg of THC and costs $10 a cup. And apparently, the taste is like any other cup of fresh brew, sales manager at Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop, Jennifer Lanzador, told the High Times.

“People might scoff at the price, but when you think of Starbucks… and you get the nice kick of THC, it’s really not that expensive,” she said.

The pods are huge sellers, accounting for 60 percent of Uncle Ike’s coffee sales. Other coffee shops are breaking into the business with coffee, teas, creamers, etc. as fast as they can.

Unfortunately, K-Cups aren’t as green as the herb with which some are being infused. There are too many of them floating around the earth, and they will be here long after we humans are gone because they are not biodegradable and nearly impossible to recyclable. Environmentalists say all the K-Cups sold in 2013 would wrap around the earth nearly 11 times.

John Sylvan, Keurig Cup inventor, told The Atlantic that he often regrets having invented the K-Cup, which is now used in approximately one in every three American homes and accounted for most of Keurig Green Mountain’s $4.7 billion revenue last year.  Sylvan, who dreamed up the pod-shaped cups in the early 1990s, sold his stake in Keurig in 1997 for $50,000.

Keurig Green Mountain makes only 5 percent of its cups out of recyclable plastic. The rest of them are made up of a #7 composite plastic, which is non-recyclable in most places.

Silvan, who sells solar panels now, said he’s told Keurig Green Mountain how to solve the problem of waste, “but they won’t listen.”

So, enjoy your coffee but when the THC hits, think about signing a petition or two.

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