[UPDATED]: The Ultimate Guide for Black Friday Weekend and Cyber Monday Deals

Don’t miss out on these great sales this week!
We've Got You Covered for Black Friday and Cyber Monday
The Ultimate Guide for Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Dr. Bronners

Dr. Bronner’s Soap: From Burning Man to Lightning in a Bottle to Cyber Monday, Dr. Bronner knows how to celebrate. This Monday, everything will be 20 percent off the online store. And the reason we’re including this in our collection of sales is because all of the soaps are hemp-based. Cool, right? Also, Dr. Bronner is a leader in renewable energy and other sustainable business practices. Furthermore, all proceeds from this sale will allow the team at Dr. Bronner’s to continue supporting three amazing organizations that serve people experiencing homelessness: @LavaMae, @ThinkDignity & @SafeHorizon Streetwork Project. Stay clean this holiday season!

Sale: 20 percent off the entire store at dr.bronner.com.


Boundless CF710: If you’re into experiencing the power of oils and concentrates, but don’t like hauling around a dab rig or bulky equipment, the Boundless CF710 is your new best friend. Eliminate the need of butane torches or the limiting mobility of a power cord, the CF 710 is powered solely by an internal 16500 battery, which has a long enough life to withstand just about any adventure. Take advantage of this badass accessory today to enjoy a stellar discount of 20 percent off.

Sale: Today, Boundless is announcing a new retail price of $74.99 USD from $99.99 USD along with 20 percent off on Cyber Monday. So, the price for Cyber Monday comes to $60 plus shipping.

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