7 Things You Can Do To Help Legalize Marijuana

Ever wonder what some things you can do to help legalize marijuana? Here’s a quick beginner’s guide.
7 Things You Can Do To Help Legalize Marijuana

5. Get in Contact with Local Representatives and Politicians

7 Things You Can Do To Help Legalize Marijuana

This is a crucial step in our seven things you can do to help legalize marijuana. By contacting representatives, you are taking your actions in the movement to the next level. A call or email can potentially make a difference.

Try tracking them down or meeting them in person as well. A conversation can go a long way. You can locate your local representatives by using this search engine here.

Politicians who support the cause can be great allies. They already have an established public voice, if you can convince them to share their support it may go a long way in connecting with your community. You can find local representatives with positive stances on cannabis through the NORML website.

The Drug Policy Alliance has also created a page in which they walk through the appropriate way to contact elected officials. These ways include timing and how to clearly state what action you are wanting your legislator to take.

It also contains a do’s and don’t’s list on how to talk to Congressperson.

You may believe that some politicians are stubbornly against legalization and a waste of your time. But do not assume this.

They may not have been properly educated on the subject, or maybe they haven’t heard from those who truly care. One conversation could possibly change someone’s perspective.

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