Letters From a Pot Prisoner: Mario Ramos is Proof that Cannabis isn’t ‘Legal’

Prohibition leads to mass incarceration, as our friend from I Bud You tells us.
Letters From a Prisoner: Mario Ramos of I Bud You is Proof that Cannabis isn't "Legal"
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Mario Ramos of I Bud You, Inc. spent one year and 20 days in jail for growing 226 plants, also known as a non-violent cannabis crime. A multi-decade advocate and activist, he wrote us this impassioned letter while serving time at Morris County Correctional Facility in New Jersey. Details on Mario Ramos’ story is to come. In the meantime, however, here’s a glimpse of who he is and his gripes with the current state of canna-political affairs in the US. Just remember: If weed was truly legal, people wouldn’t go to jail for it anymore.

For authenticity, we transcribed the letter exactly as it was written.


Letters From a Pot Prisoner: Mario Ramos is Proof that Cannabis isn't 'Legal'
Mario Ramos’ handwritten letter

Marijuana vs. Medical Marijuana

Let’s start with a quote from the Architect, himself:

“I have given you every herb that yields seeds which is on the face of all the Earth and every tree whose fruit yields seed to you; it shall be for food and to every beast of the Earth, to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the Earth in which there is life. I have given every green herb for food.”

If the Grand Architect of the Earth has given the world all herb, how can any human have the audacity to impose his feeble-minded laws on any herb? Its onset is with the “synthetic industry” whose sole objective was the accumulation and hoarding of wealth. Cannabis, marijuana, and hemp remained pure until the invention of synthetic rope and figured out a market for it through the U.S. Government.  This started the reefer madness and attached a stigma on it in order to outlaw the precious herb. False accusations without any study or proof were lodged as a ploy to keep the uneducated masses unaware of this precious gold mine.

The first president of the United States, General George Washington himself was a marijuana smoker, who believed in hemp products, that he tax stamped hemp growth. In fact, our first flag was made from hemp; also the Constitution was written on a hemp page product.

Let’s fast track to the present year, 2018. We have nine states that legally allow recreational marijuana, and 40 so-called states where medical marijuana is legitimized while underground markets thrive than discriminating a select group of people to go to jail; and yet others become millionaires from a play on words like “medical marijuana.”

Smells to me like corrupt pharmaceutical companies and politicians are trying to weigh in on a product that has been helping people for over 8,000 years, with their nonsensical and outdated laws.

Canada, Australia, Holland, and Spain are the forerunners whom are enacting laws to revamp their formers ways of thinking and thereby doing away with stigmas. While America is still in the mindset of enslavement which not only affects blacks, but Latinos, as well. The enslavement by incarceration has caused unforgivable damage to countless lives. Criminal records and lengthy prison sentences for cannabis, which has never been reported with any death related to causes, or injuries!

It is extremely important to understand what losses can be incurred by ignorance; for example,  many traffic accidents that take lives and property arise from alcohol abuse; cocaine and opiate abuse are taking lives by the thousands; prescribed painkillers are rendering many with nervous disorders and poor health, and yet not a single report has been documented of a marijuana overdose or a marijuana hangover, nor has anyone been arrested prostituting to support a marijuana habit! Yet cigarretes are the leading cause of lung cancer along with other illness, and let’s not forget the many homes burned to the ground from smoking in bed.

Morris County, NJ, is in the lead for being one of those corrupt counties with illegal search and seizures and the only probable cause they are famous for is “I smell marijuana,” yet 83 percent of the people of this county are alcoholics and cigarrett smokers. Twisted county officials are enforcing draconian laws to support their expensive palates of vintage grapes and aged spirits. In this county, you will be arrested, lose your property, home, family, and employment over a plant given to humanity by almighty GOD Himself.

So what makes marijuana medical marijuana? Of course, the pharmaceutical firms who process it in order to make substantial profits. Corporate America stop lying to the people already, we already know your schemes and we already know all of the benefits of marijuana smoking. Prohibition must come to an end; so stop drinking and start puffing from an elixir straight from the fountain of youth.

Political Prisoner,
Mario Ramos
I BUD You. Inc
non-violent offense
Free Us. NOW!

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