HempAmericana Is Making Some Exciting New Announcements

HempAmericana has some exciting new developments about their extraction facility in Maine.
HempAmericana Is Making Some Exciting New Announcements

Last month, we made the announcement that High Times was teaming up with the industrial hemp and CBD oil company HempAmericana. We told you that the company was expanding into the business of full-scale CBD extraction and was building a new facility in Augusta, Maine to accomplish just that. And now, we’re happy to share some exciting new developments about HempAmericana.

HempAmericana Is Closer Than Ever

We caught up with HempAmericana’s CEO Sal Rosillo for an update about his company. What he shared with us is nothing short of thrilling for both the company and everyone who uses CBD supplements.

He told us that the facility that they are building in Augusta, Maine is almost finished. And, he reiterated, the company was able to pay for the construction in full.

“There is no bank debt whatsoever,” he says with a tone of pride.

He also gave us an approximate timeline for when the extraction facility will be up and running:

“In one month’s time, we should be producing. We’re ready,” he says. “The machines are quite delicate. We have special technicians for them to eventually, after we do our own due diligence, to come in and finalize the tuning of the machines.”

“Once you turn them on,” he adds, “you don’t have to turn them off. The machines run 24/7. They’re almost fully automated, but someone has to supervise.”

The machines, according to Rosillo, are of such a superior quality that they can produce CBD oil with “no trace of THC.”

“We can take out the .003 acceptable percent of THC without altering anything else,” he explains. “Our products will be 100 percent pure because we have these machines to purify the product.”

Greenhouses and Water

In addition to having a machine with this kind of pinpoint accuracy, Rosillo also says that they are establishing alliances with farmers in Maine. They are even buying a farm and building greenhouses on it to grow different varieties of hemp and to be able to control the entire process, from seed to finished product.

And speaking of finished products, Rosillo told us that HempAmericana will not be limiting themselves to just producing and selling CBD oil. They also plan on entering the CBD-infused water market.

“We are in the due diligence stage with a CBD-infused water company that we feel will provide us with a pathway into this explosive CBD water space,” Rosillo says, enthusiastic about the double health impact that CBD-infused water could potentially make. He predicts, though, that the oil will be the bigger seller. For now, at least. A larger water distributor could be in HempAmericana’s future.

Final Hit: HempAmericana Is Making Some Exciting New Announcements

The countdown has begun for HempAmericana. Soon, CBD consumers of all walks of life will be able to purchase the company’s pure CBD oil and infused water. Since the products are all hemp-derived, they are legal to sell and purchase everywhere in the United States.

Rosillo also says that the company who provided the extraction machine, Vitalis, will be sending a film crew to document the installation process. It’s a momentous occasion since this is the largest extraction machine that Vitalis has ever produced.

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