5 Ways To Make The Cannabis Industry More Sustainable

There are a variety of ways to make the cannabis industry more sustainable. Here are some to consider.
5 Ways To Make The Cannabis Industry More Sustainable

4. Land-Use Planning and Policy

5 Ways To Make The Cannabis Industry More Sustainable

Generally, pot finds itself grown in indoor facilities. But many plants are found in outdoor fields, especially in the Golden State. Since it has a history of outdoor marijuana cultivation, California has provided a source of research for those interested in the ecological effects of marijuana farming.

In recent studies of the land used for growing weed, scientists discovered the effects on the natural wildlife. Many outdoor cannabis farms are set up in remote areas. Often they are on slopes. Access roads to the crops do not exist.

So farmers wandering their fields and harvesting the product often compromise the land and contribute to soil erosion.

Even with indoor facilities, water use and the land cleared to make space for these farms threaten the natural wildlife. Chinook salmon and steelhead trout face harm from run-off at these sites.

In order to adhere to the ways to make the cannabis industry more sustainable, farmers must take into consideration land-use planning. Farmers must factor better access to roads, gentler slopes, and ample water resources.

Furthermore, states with legalized cannabis must mandate land-use policies.

Look at California, for instance. The state caps the size of outdoor production to 1 acre per parcel. Keeping to these laws will help to fight off forest fragmentation, stream modification, soil erosion and landslides from weed agriculture.

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