90s Culture Kid Nova Rockafeller Ate All The Edibles

We’ve all been there. That moment you realize you’re just a little too high. For LA-based rapper Nova Rockafeller that revelation comes in “Whole Bag” a trippy, fun psychedelic video where Rockafeller fesses up to eating an entire bag of cannabis-infused Jolly Ranchers — then trips out in a shopping mall.

Passionate for all things ‘90s and bridging rap/hip-hop with alt-rock, is where you’ll find Rockafeller delivering mind-melting beats and spitting out lyrics for her love of all things THC. Track down the Jamaica-raised artist Wednesday’s at LA’s Low End Theory nightclub and seek out her first studio effort “Problem Child” in early October.

Nova Rockafeller answers ten burning questions from High Times:

1) How are you doing today? And, whatcha been up to?

I’m high and taking a break in studio. When I’m not here I’m putting together my videos, playing laser tag, World of Warcraft or guitar in my bedroom.

2) Are you an everyday stoner? Do you like to wake and bake?

I smoke mostly every day and I don’t wake and bake…. I need a couple hours before I just fuck off into my brain. If I wake and bake I end up at like, a waterpark. Or Wal-Mart.

3) Your new video “Whole Bag,” was that based on a real life experience?

It’s based on every day. Functioning is hard sober. When I’m high, I’m a fucking mess and I don’t really care.

4) You wouldn’t really call your manager, would you?!

I pay him to answer calls like this I don’t really know what else he even does.

5) Do you have a favorite strain of weed? How do you like to smoke?

I like hitting bowls because it’s easy, but bubblers are my favorite, and my favorite strain is Sour Diesel or O.G. Kush. They’re classic.

6) How about edibles — since you mention Jolly Ranchers in the video – anything you prefer? 

Weed lemonade is the best!

7) “Whole Bag” is pretty psychedelic looking. Have you ever dabbled in other drugs? What were those experiences like?

We used to be so serious about mushrooms that if someone even SUGGESTED that we do it we would drop everything, cancel plans and get wrecked. I love being outside and just losing my shit.

8) You are performing at the Low End Theory in LA, right? Do you like to get high and rap/DJ?

I am the worst at remembering my lyrics so I get high right after. And Low End is sick because everyone is just smoking out the whole time.

9) Where do you get inspiration for your music?

My life. I get obsessed with artists for like two weeks at a time, most recently it’s been Die Antwoord and Gorillaz. And I follow a lot of photography blogs. Pictures are dope.

If you can find a song without a weed reference on it I will give you $50.

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/NovaRockafeller?ref=br_tf

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/Novarockafeller

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