Best Buds: 8 Celebrity Stoner Duos

These 8 celebrity duos make the best buds.
Best Buds: 8 Celebrity Stoner Duos

Celebrity stoner duos make our day. Whether they’re hosting a funny web show or teaching fans how to light up safely, best buds rep true goodwill. At the root, weed is a social tool. To that point, celebrity stoner duos seal an easy, cool vibe by matching the lighter with the blunt. The peanut butter with the jelly. The ham with the eggs.

While it can be nice to peak your buzz solo, we all know that one friend to text when a rug nug pops up out of nowhere. As soon as that happens, our thumbs start tapping out the bud signal. Holler at the Cheech to your Chong, in other words, and get that sesh lit.

But even if you roll alone, you can always laugh your face off reading the silly capers these celebrity stoner duos took on. Since weed friends share a special bond, we should celebrate the famous pairs too. After all, celebrity stoner duos make up just one clique in a huge secret club of us all around the world. To other members holding their torch high, we salute.

1. Redman + Method Man

Best Buds: 8 Celebrity Stoner Duos

Hip-hop houses more than a few celebrity stoner duos. Maybe that’s because rap lyrics think of weed as its own skill, mainly saved for gold medal partiers. Well if that’s true, Method Man and Redman look like the Dream Team of herb smoke. Their record stands undefeated too. The rappers flaunt the weed lifestyle in movies, books, and wherever herb is sold. For instance, one time they performed in Calgary and smoked a 24-carat blunt for the love of the game. True bromance never looked richer.

2. Abbi Jacobson + Ilana Glazer

Best Buds: 8 Celebrity Stoner Duos

Broad City standouts Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer broke the mold when they cracked the blunt. But women clearly thrive at the center of comedy antics, and their celebrity stoner duo hits the mark as hard as they hit the bong. Besides just their comic gags on the show, they back weed as a life choice too. They even shared a story about getting high with Whoopi Goldberg, so they must know the great creative power of THC.

3. Woody Harrelson + Matthew McConaughey

Best Buds: 8 Celebrity Stoner Duos
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True Detective stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson met long before they played partners on the show. They also both got arrested in the same way: dancing around high. Back when they were rising talents, separate stories of their weed behaviors hit the news. Once in 1999, neighbors called cops to report McConaughey’s loud noises. When police arrived, he and another actor were nude, drumming in the backyard like no big deal. Safe to say, Matthew had to chill out on the skin flings. Police also arrested his buddy Woody for dancing in the street. Both actors paid a fine to avoid jail time, but their mugshots tell a story to last through eternity.

4. Kathy Bates + Bill Maher

Best Buds: 8 Celebrity Stoner Duos

Since Kathy Bates took the role of “Ruth,” a dispensary owner on Netflix’s Disjointed, she’s talked about her weed use more freely. So when she ran into Bill Maher at Penny Marshall’s birthday party and took a hit off his joint, a friendship emerged. Until Kathy got high that is. She couldn’t deal and someone at her table had to talk her down. But on the bright side, at least she knows who in Hollywood has the dankest buds now. More than that, she crossed the gateway into potent highs, which most potheads grow to love. Leave that Woodstock weed behind, Bates, we’ve got treats to knock you into the present day in no time.

5. Donald Glover + Stephen Glover

Best Buds: 8 Celebrity Stoner Duos
Boss Hunting

If Donald Glover features weed a lot in his sharp, dark sitcom Atlanta, it’s because he loves weed. The writer-actor declared in a 2016 interview that he works better when high. His brother Stephen also cops to copping weed and went a step further in a 2017 Esquire interview. He credits their weed dealer for making Atlanta the breakout hit TV viewers now love:

“Yeah, our weed guy. Our friend. We don’t know his real name—I don’t want to know his real name. He knows more about television [than most people] ’cause all he does is watch television. It’s like, that’s all you do [when you’re stoned]…He had good taste.

The Glover brothers won’t shy away from weed, and that perfectly touches the audience they wanted to reach.

6. Seth Rogen + Wiz Khalifa

Best Buds: 8 Celebrity Stoner Duos

Ever heard of the tooth fairy? That’s what this celebrity stoner duo does with weed. When someone needs green for the scene, shout Mary Jane three times and one of them will appear. Waka Flocka Flame needs a blunt roller? Seth’s got it. Demi Lovato needs cameos for her video house party? Wiz Khalifa’s on the job. Since they’re never spotted together, except on video, some suspect they trade turns as Weed Santa. But really, this duo spends its time making hits or taking hits, with no in between. Check the record.

7. Cameron Diaz + Drew Barrymore

Best Buds: 8 Celebrity Stoner Duos

If pot had a cute rom-com ending and a sweet bob hairdo (maybe bangs?), it would equal this celebrity stoner duo. Since cameras nabbed photos of the friends smoking in Hawaii, most assume they wave the green flag. Neither Barrymore nor Diaz denies trying weed, but since dropping out of the spotlight, we wonder if they’ve fired up a sesh or two. For old time’s sake.

8. Jennifer Lawrence + Aziz Ansari

Best Buds: 8 Celebrity Stoner Duos

These two score high on the “Will-They-Or-Won’t-They?” of Hollywood friend zones. As in, will they puff or will they pass? Ansari and Lawrence probably know how to act like playful friends for press. But their friendship boasts some legit celebrity stoner duo traits. First of all, they go on dates to binge munchies. Then, they take nature walks in fun locales, like two regular socializing stoners. Third, they laugh at each other in the movies, which any stoner duo would love to do if their buddy was smashing the box office.

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