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11 Perfect Gifts for Pot-Loving Pet Owners

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Probably the only thing you love more than weed—and are willing to spend just as much money on—is your animal. Here’s a dank list of gift ideas to show your little guy or gal just how much they mean to you. 

1. Patriotic Weed Dog T-Shirt – $14.95


It’s your three favorite things: weed, your dog and god damn AMERICA.

2. Pot/Weed Leaf Dog Collar – $32



This semi-subtile walking leash is a great way to meet other like-minded people. Who needs Netflix and chill when you can have puppies and petting?

3. Marijuana Pet Rock with Hemp Walking Leash – $13.49


If you’re in a place where pets aren’t allowed, this pet marijuana rock can give you all of the fun of a real pet and weed combined (minus getting high and having a fluffy creature to love you).

4. Personalized Weed Leaf Pet ID Tag – $4.95


Mr. Dank and Sir Nugs will love their fresh and personalized name tag.

5. Meowijuana Kalico Kush Catnip Leaf & Flake – $13.95


For those concerned with aesthetics, this catnip will fit right in with your weed bottles. Just don’t mistake the catnip for weed and smoke it—or mistake the weed for catnip and give it to the cat.

6. Dinosaur Glass Hand Pipe – Ocean Blue – $29.99


Hey, dinosaurs are animals! Or used to be, at least. Regardless, this dinopipe is too cool not to have.

7. Treatibles – starting at $24


Treatibles sells CBD treats for animals, giving them the positive side effects of CBD without the toxic effects marijuana can have on animals.

8. Colorado Marijuana Dog Toy – $12.95


Your good boy will love this marijuana-shaped chew toy. Plus, the Colorado branding will give you a constant reminder of how weed isn’t legal in your state yet!

9. Seapora Cannabis Aquarium Decoration – $9.82


You can’t build a tropical home for your fish without a few weed decorations. Just be careful your fish doesn’t become the supplier for all the neighborhood fish.

10. Pipe Smoking Moose Men’s T-Shirt – $20


There’s not an animal more handsome or majestic than the moose. Add a pipe and all the ladies (and men, and most species of animals) will be swooning.

11. Weed or Brews Elephant Wall Print – $20


The perfect elephant poster for your wall to scare you when you forget it’s there. It also reminds you of the eternal struggle between weed or alcohol (but, let’s be honest, weed always wins).

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