12 Great Gifts for Cannabis Cooks

If you have people on your holiday list who like to cook with cannabis, your shopping chores are as easy as pie this season. This list includes something for everyone, including unique handmade gifts along with nifty gadgets and kitchen accessories that belong in every canna-cook’s kitchen.

1. Cookbooks

These days there are almost as many marijuana cookbooks as there are strains! A search on Amazon brings up over 250 results, so even those who collect books are bound to be missing some. A few good choices include The High Times Cookbook by Elise McDonough, Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking With Cannabis and The Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook by yours truly.

Available from Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.com
Price: Ranges from about $6.00 to $30.00

2. Aprons

Cooks can never have too many aprons, and there are some fun ones specifically designed with Mary Jane in mind.

Fashionistas will adore Tie Me Up Aprons’ ’50s-era marijuana print, rickrack trimmed apron. Smokies’ Toke Couture offers a more functional unisex apron that’s “Fresh Baked” but with a low-key pot leaf design that just might pass muster in front of your grandma… unless she looks closely. Cannabis Cheri’s “Eat Your Weed” aprons feature an embroidered logo, have large deep pockets and come in a variety of colors.

Available on Etsy from Tie Me Up Aprons and Smokies’ Toke Couture and at CannabisCheri.com.
Price: $19.95 – $64.00

3. Bubble Bags

Dry ice kief is one of the best ways to cook with cannabis, and it’s easy to make. Gift your cannabis cook with a set of bags (we like 90 or 120 micron), so they can sift their own kief anytime. A small 1-gallon size is big enough for most home cooks. I particularly like those made by Boldt Bags, as unlike some other brands, there is no plastic lining which can eventually wear out and peel away. You can find lots of how-to videos on kief making online.

Available from Boldt Bags
Price: $75.00 for 3-bag kit.

4. POT Holders and Oven Mitts

There will be no doubt about what’s cooking when you use these marijuana themed heat protectors. DDQuiltsAndThings has created some elegant quilted, batik-printed marijuana potholders, while Kay LaLa’s POT Holder Mitts protect your paws in a more whimsical style.

Available on Etsy from DDQuiltsAndThings and KayLaLa
Price: $16.00 – $25.00

5. Hamilton Beach Stay & Go Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are a wonderful way to infuse butter and oil with cannabis, but this one is especially suited for the job due to its rubber gasket and clamped lid, which keep the aroma of simmering marijuana inside the crock instead of permeating throughout the house.

Available from Amazon.com
Price: $34.99

Print3rSpace’s pot leaf and bong shaped cookie cutters make fun whimsical cookies that will never leave a doubt about which ones are medicated.

Available on Etsy from Print3rSpace
Price: $10.00 for set of two

7. Ramekins

These inexpensive little dishes—that can go from freezer to oven—are the cannabis cook’s best friends. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, these make a terrific way to portion control medicated foods into individual sized servings, before serving or baking.

Available from Cost Plus World Market
Price: From $2.96 to $7.96 for a set of 4

8. Kushy Cutting Board

Etsy shop True Mementos will specially craft a personalized kitchen cutting board, with your favorite canna-cook’s name engraved along with ganja leaves.

Available on Etsy from True Mementos
Price: From $2.96 to $7.96 for a set of 4

9. Large Gravy Separator

Once a cannabis cook uses this nifty pitcher, which sports the spout on the bottom, for separating cannabis oil from water after infusing, they’ll wonder how they ever lived without one.

Available from Amazon.com
Price: From $11.33 to $17.95

10.  Laser Thermometer

When it comes to taking the temperature of your foods or cannabis infusions, technology has come a long way. There’s no more guesswork and no more waiting for old-fashioned probe thermometers to come to temperature. Today’s new laser thermometers instantly read the temperature of your foods. Genius (and surprisingly inexpensive)!

Available from Amazon.com
Price: From $13.98 to $43.60

11. Nomiku Immersion Circulator

Elise McDonough, author of the The High Times Cookbook, swears by this innovative kitchen gadget that provides an easy, smell-proof way to infuse cannabis into butter, oil or other foods.  Elise calls it “sous weed” cooking, and with the circulator’s help, she can create several infusions at the same time, each sealed in an individual mason jar. The jars are submerged in water and the circulator clips on the side of the pot to keep the water at a consistent temperature until you have the perfect infusion. There’s even a Wi-Fi programmable version that every techno-chef must have!

Available from Nomiku.com
Price: $199.00

12. Weed/Cannabutter/CannaOil

What’s the one gift that every cannabis cook can never get enough of? Marijuana! Gift your cook with enough to make a batch of infused butter or oil or better yet, make the butter or oil for them so they can just do the fun part of cannabis cooking—making the food!

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