5 Best Memory Tips and Tricks for Stoners

According to the latest research, pot only affects your short-term memory, but even that may soon be a thing of the past. This summer scientists in Barcelona were able to create a compound that blocks THC’s effects on memory. Of course, more research and studies are needed before “Remember Everything While Stoned” chewing gum is released, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tips and tricks to keep your memory sharp while enjoying our favorite herb.

Tip #1 – Smoke High-CBD Strains

Research has shown that marijuana-related memory impairment is caused by the ration of THC to CBD in the strain being smoked. In a 2010 study, cognitive test were conducted on 134 tokers, and the results were clear. Those who had smoked pot with high levels of CBD showed “no impairment during the tests,” but the subjects who had smoked marijuana with low cannabidiol levels “performed worse and forgot more words while they were high.”

Tip #2 – Use All Your Senses

Whether you’re high or not, utilizing more than one of your senses will help enhance focus and build associations that make it easier to remember things later. Meeting a friend of a friend at a smoke session? Listen to that person’s name, repeat it out loud, shake his hand and take notice of his grip, catch a whiff of his cologne, and again think about his name. You’ll feel accomplished when you remember him the next time.

Tip #3 – Utilize Mnemonic Devices

Mnemonic devices are often associated with cramming for tests, but you don’t have to be a student cracked out on Adderall to take advantage of these nifty tricks. Different types include using acronyms, rhyming, pegging and chunking. How can these help when you’re high as a kite? Well, they can make munchie runs a whole lot easier. You want Doritos, your bros want Oreos and Pizza Rolls. Your girlfriend texts you asking to bring home eggs and an avocado for some new breakfast toast she wants to make in the morning. Oh, and Fritos, somebody definitely asked for Fritos. How will you remember all of that, especially after hitting all of those blunts. Try using an acronym. Doritos, Oreos, Pizza rolls, Eggs, Avocado, Fritos—or simply, DOPE AF. You’re welcome!

Tip #4 – Skip Alcohol and Other Drugs

This might be a bit self-explanatory, but mixing pot with alcohol or other drugs will 100 percent have a detrimental effect on your short-term memory. Unlike blacking out from alcohol, marijuana doesn’t give anyone legitimate amnesia, but if you’re mixing the two, pot can’t be held responsible for booze’s consequences. Other drugs and sleep-deprivation are also known to negatively impact short-term memory.

Tip #5 – Definitely Do Not Do This

While we whole-heartedly approve of TV series Comedy Bang! Bang!, this week, the gang tries out a memory system that we’re not quite sure we want to give the HIGH TIMES stamp of approval. Oh, yes, it’s hilarious. But it definitely won’t help you remember anything. Check it out above and remember to tune in Thursday at 11 p.m. on IFC for full Comedy Bang! Bang! episodes.

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