8 Holiday Gifts for the Dabber in Your Life

Now that the holidays are here, many people are left with the issue of finding the right gift for their cannabis-loving loved one. For those that know next-to-nothing about concentrates, finding something suitable to wrap up and give to them can really become a headache. Depending on where you live, the options at head shops may be limited or overpriced compared to what’s available online. Whether it’s your partner that’s looking for some new gear or an old friend whose setup could use a major upgrade, there’s plenty of options for dabbing presents this year.

1. E-Nail

Electric nails are a brilliant idea for the heavy dabber that doesn’t want to buy butane for the rest of their life. Not only will this present save them money, but it will also allow their nail to stay at a consistent temperature at all times. Check out our 2015 E-Nail Buyers Guide for more information on these useful devices.

2. Silicone Cleaning Cap

These silicone caps for water pipes are the perfect tool when giving it a good cleaning. Without using these, there’s a lot of risk involved when shaking the glass with isopropyl alcohol and salt inside. Prevent spilling and loosening your friend’s grip on their rig by covering both ends with one of these caps from Resolution.

3. Dabber

Everyone that has a rig should already have a dabber, but that doesn’t excuse them from not having a backup. Losing your glass, metal or ceramic tool is a common occurrence, so save your friend from potentially burning their fingers the next time it happens to them.

4. Dabber Cover

When using a dabber, you might notice that the tip attracts hair, dirt and everything else that you wouldn’t want to put on the nail. To prevent this problem from ever happening to your friend, give them a cover for their dabber this holiday season.

5. Quartz Banger

Most people get started on glass or titanium nails when they start dabbing. Not to knock the original materials used for vaporizing concentrates, but the flavor and smoothness of quartz nails surpasses anything offered by metal. If the person you’re buying for doesn’t have a quartz banger in their life, get them on the flavor train this holiday season.

6. Oil-Slick Pad

Any glass owner or dabber should be equipped with an array of oil-slicks at their disposal at all times. These silicone mats bring safety and convenience together to prevent bumps on your glass, while also giving you somewhere to keep your concentrates during your session.

7. 420 Cleaner

Any glass owner should treat their pieces like something that they would drink out of. You’d never go a few days without cleaning a cup, so don’t treat a rig any different. Rinsing a bong out with warm water is suitable for daily maintenance, but as reclaim builds up, using 420 cleaner can be the trick that’s needed.

8. Dab Station

Dab stations are great for keeping your vector-sized torch, dabber and concentrates all in the same area. The attached anti-lock dome has a separate joint so that it doesn’t get constantly stuck as it’s reattach to the station. Besides keeping jars there, your friend can also keep his or her nail in the dab station for when they don’t want to leave it sitting in the rig.

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