Ask Dr. Mitch: Believing in Bud

Dr. Mitch on fibromyalgia, pot breathalyzers, and Shen Nung.
Ask Dr. Mitch: Believing in Bud

Dr. Mitch Earleywine, Ph.D, author of Understanding Marijuana and The Parents’ Guide to Marijuana and member of NORML’s advisory board, answers your questions about cannabis in his monthly advice column:

What’s the best strain for treating fibromyalgia?
Bar Epstein

Hey Bar,
Alas, although recent work in Israel confirms that medical cannabis does help the pain, fatigue and mood problems associated with fibromyalgia, we still don’t have any published data comparing strains.

What’s the word on the breath test for driving under the influence of cannabis?
Sal Iva

Hi Sal,
Despite alleged improvements in saliva, blood, urine and skin tests, the amount of THC in people’s systems is not a good predictor of driving ability because everyone’s tolerance is so different. Motor-skill tests akin to the standard roadside sobriety checks for alcohol are much fairer. Anybody who can walk that straight line (and remember how many steps to take!), follow a cop’s moving finger without a head turn and stand on one foot for 30 seconds without cracking up laughing is probably able to drive. Those who can’t, even if it’s because of fatigue, antihistamines or prescription drugs, probably shouldn’t be behind the wheel.

I saw a study that showed that youth who used cannabis on the street were less likely to shoot up, so why not give homeless kids free joints?
Art Dodger

Hello Art,
Data from Canada did show that street youth who were fans of the plant were less likely to inject stimulants, but I’d prefer to help them find a place to live, get back in school, or find jobs.

My friend who studies East Asia says that Shen Nung, the emperor of China who discovered marijuana in 2737 BC, isn’t real. Say it ain’t so!
Kris Kringle

Greetings Mr. Kringle,
There really wasn’t a single country known as China back then, but stories about a grand king who experimented with all the medical herbs are quite popular. So he’s as real as Zeus or Paul Bunyan, and we should honor his legacy in a very special way!

This feature was published in the July 2018 issue of High Times magazine. Subscribe right here.

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