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The Best Ways to Celebrate The Twelve Days of Cannabis-Mas

Edibles and gifts for a seriously jolly holiday.

The Twelve Days of Cannabis-Mas

This Christmas, ditch the leaping lords and give your true love 12 days of ganja goodness. From cannabis cake pops to weed advent calendars, there have never been more festive products and edibles for merry-making. Bring these to your next holiday party or host your own Great Bud-ish Bake Off. Be sure to save some special cookies to help Santa through the long night.

The Twelve Days of Cannabis-Mas

Kush Calendars

2018 Advent Calendar from Kush Calendars

This year brought with it the advent of, well, the weed advent calendar. Remember those adorable holiday calendars from your childhood — a chocolate for each day leading up to Christmas … that you could not for the life of you wait to open each morning? Those, but weed. ‘Nuff said. These are so unfortunately sold out this year, but keep it mind for Kushmas 2019!

The Twelve Days of Cannabis-Mas

Cannabis Cheri

Ganja Gingerbread Cookies

Remember the story of the gingerbread man who could talk and run? More likely, that old lady slipped something special in the dough. If you bake them strong enough your cookies might start talking, too. Be sure to save some for Santa, he’s earned a THC-infused morsel to dip in that milk. For an added kick, decorate with cannabutter icing.

The Twelve Days of Cannabis-Mas

E-Marijuana Recipes

CannaCake Pops

Martha Stewart, meet Mary Jane. These cake pops can be adorable-ized with pretzels for antlers and a Red Hot nose. Other ideas include snowmen, Santa’s elves, and sprinkle-glazed baubles. Whatever you choose you’ll be the baker of the hour with these creative canna-cake pops.

The Twelve Days of Cannabis-Mas


Alchemy’s Holiday Wellness Pack

Take a puff of Christmas Cheer with these festively flavored vape pens. Chai and Mint Citrus will gear you up for a holiday party, then chill out after with Rose Jasmine or Chamomile Lavender. And the adorable box fits snugly in any stocking.


Dosist Calm

Dosist Holiday Pack

Speaking of holiday packs, Dosist has a few. They’re pairing signature blends Calm (10:1 CBD) and Bliss (9:1 THC:CBD) with “stimulating terpene” candles for intoxicating aromatherapy to enhance your vaping experience. Dosist’s measured hits are popular with newer tokers so consider this gift box for your friend just getting into the cannabis game or your mom (or grandparent!) who hasn’t smoked since she was in bell bottoms.

The Twelve Days of Cannabis-Mas

Oksana Mizina/ Shutterstock

Green Egg Nog

Santa’s making a list and checking it twice … because someone left him medicated eggnog and he keeps mixing up who’s been naughty and nice. This tasty tonic has all the nostalgia of grandma’s nog with an herbal kick — pot may not be addictive, but this stuff sure is.

The Twelve Days of Cannabis-Mas

Roxana Gonzalez/ Shutterstock

Funky Fudge

Made with dark chocolate, butter, condensed milk, and your favorite flower, this fudge is as decadent as it is dank. Make a big batch and wrap nicely for an affordable DIY holiday gift you can give to all the cannabis lovers on your list.

The Twelve Days of Cannabis-Mas

Weed Chefs

Holiday Gummies

Baby, it’s cold outside…so stay in and curl up with a bowl of frosted weed gummys and a few friends. Weed Chefs have a super potent recipe so make sure the friends you invite can hold their cheeba. If you’d rather just get baked than spend the afternoon baking, get some jello mix and whatever adorable holiday ice cube tray strikes your fancy for this easy-to-make edible.

The Twelve Days of Cannabis-Mas


The Marijuana Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, we really wanna smoke ya. Unfortunately, it’s faux, so we can’t. But it is the perfect tree to shelter all the fabulous cannabis gifts you’ve found! Be warned though, this plastic tree is pricey — at $250 dollars you might rather invest in an actual weed tree.

The Twelve Days of Cannabis-Mas


Kiva Peppermint Bark

There’s a reason Kiva has some of the top selling chocolate in dispensaries—even if it didn’t have THC in it you’d pay good money for these bars. And yet, you don’t have to. A mere $25 will get you 100 MG of THC-infused white-and-dark chocolate peppermint bliss. At 5 MG per serving, you just might want to pass a bar of this around to round-out Christmas dinner. Or if you start your day off with a kick, try putting 5mg in your hot coffee and letting it melt away all the stress.

The Twelve Days of Cannabis-Mas


Cannabis Puppy Chow

This is one of those vicious cycle treats — the more cannabis you have the more puppy chow you’re going to want to eat. The more puppy chow you eat, the more cannabis you have. Sounds like a great problem to have on holiday vacation. Westword Magazine’s ‘Ask a Stoner’ has you covered for this and other festive recipes like medicated apple butter.

The Twelve Days of Cannabis-Mas


🎶And a Cartridge Full of Pear Weed 🎶

We can’t resist a good rhyme pun … or this delicious organic pear-flavored CBD oil vape pen. Gluten Free and non-psychoactive with natural flavors, even your sativa-skittish girlfriend will love this mellow yellow cartridge.

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