Butane Retailers Take Butane Sales To A New Level

Grab that dab rig and have a choke!
High Buy: Butane Retailers Take Butane Sales To A New Level

High, everyone!

Butane Retailers is here to take the hydro-carbon cannabis extraction market by storm! Welcome to our world!

Butane Retailers was conceived by one of Michigan’s largest compressed gas supply companies. What?! Yeah, that’s right!

The creators of Butane Retailers have been supplying industrial gasses for welding, racing, atmosphere engineering, calibration techniques and a few other proprietary ventures we can talk about over a hemp tea and a brownie!.We had been supplying cannabis farmers with CO2 and dry ice, but the calls for N-Butane were jamming the phone lines.

One short meeting later, and Butane Retailers was alive!

One week later, and the 30,000-gallon N-Butane tank installation was decided. Two short weeks after that and the installation of ISO-Butane and Instrument Grade Odorless Propane was underway. One month later we had a plumbing system that would rival most nuclear power plants! We designed, fabricated and built the filling station from scratch.

Not our first rodeo, indeed!

Want to see our Butane Plant? Go ahead, check it out at www.butaneretailers.com.  

Let’s Talk Benefits!

High Buy: Butane Retailers Take Butane Sales To A New Level

First, go green with our cylinder exchange program! Complicated? Yeah… it is, but not for you!

Just pop the label we provide you on the box, and ship it back when you need a fill. If that’s too difficult, extracting oils with a highly flammable, odorless gas may not be in your wheelhouse! Just saying.

We see the disposables. Great idea, Thurgood… until you analyze your carbon footprint.

Second, we are safety conscious. You can find the dangers in dealing with butane on our webpage. Have a question we didn’t address on the page? Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your concerns. Pretty cool, right?

Third, we have full control. From filling to shipping, we do everything in-house. No drop-ships, no automated calls. Frankly… no bullshit.

Let’s Talk Valves!

The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) has standardized cylinder valving depending on the use of the cylinder contents, like, for example, CGA-510 valves (left-hand female threads) for “gas withdraw” and CGA-555 valves (left-hand male threads) for “liquid withdraw.” Almost all butane cylinders are coming with CGA-510 instead of the CGA-555 (therefore, you’re inverting your tank to withdraw liquid butane). The CGA-510 is a more common valve, so availability and cost are lower.

Some companies have taken the CGA-510 and added a “Dip Tube” to mock the CGA-555 valve. This is like using the king of hearts to make your bicycle sound like a hotrod.

Butane Retailers has taken it upon themselves to correct this by going back to the refrigerant valve (CGA-165) that fits extractor equipment. No adaptors!

Let’s Talk Product!

High Buy: Butane Retailers Take Butane Sales To A New Level

Butane Retailers products range from 99.5 percent purity to 99.999 percent purity. Dope!!

This is highly beneficial when paired against today’s extract purity demands. Butane Retailers has the knowledge and expertise to produce high purity mixes as well. We hold an extensive inventory of N-Butane, ISO-Butane and Instrument Grade Odorless Propane.

And we are currently working with Michigan extraction experts to fine-tune mixes that will extract everything you want—and leave behind the undesirables.

Let’s Talk Future Compliance!

But wait, spoiler alert. Let’s just say we will be making your life easier in the months to come.

But wait… there’s more!! Not really, that’s about it!

Well, actually, we have a full line of CO2 and dry ice products (rice, nuggets and blocks). Currently, we produce enough dry ice to freeze hurricanes and have enough capacity to fulfill your needs as well. All packed up and ready to go!

Ok, grab that dab rig and have a choke!

All kidding aside, Butane Retailers parent company has been in business for over 50 years! Our mission is to supply top-of-the-line products and to continuously improve our processes to deliver the purest products on the market.

Rest assured Butane Retailers products are something you will be proud to use in your process.

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