How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Increase Yields

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Growing cannabis indoors uses a lot of electricity, that’s why growers have been flocking to LEDs for the energy savings. Save money while saving the Earth, reduce your carbon footprint and switch to LED lighting!

Many growers have long been skeptical about LED technology, but recent advances have made this lighting more effective and cheaper to buy. A couple years ago, research indicated LED and HID had similar efficiencies, but times have changed. Light emitting diode lamps for growing plants produce more light with less heat and electricity, and last longer between changes than high intensity discharge lamps, saving you tons on electricity, heating and bulb changes.

Not only do LED lights have a smaller carbon footprint than HID because they use less energy and need to be replaced less often, they also don’t contain as many toxic chemicals as HID bulbs. These bulbs all contain mercury among other toxic chemicals and seldom get recycled, which means they end up leaching all that nasty stuff into the ground and into the water table for years to come.

To see why LED’s from KindLED are superior, compare the light output by wavelength as seen in the two spectra of both HID and LED lamps. Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), the stuff that plants need to grow, comprises all the light between 400 and 700 nm. All the LED light output is square within this range—with almost nothing else outside that range. However, you can see how the HID lamp produces far too much infrared light (over 700nm), which causes plants to grow too tall because it makes them think they’re not getting enough light. The blue light these LED’s produce also helps plants grow the way they need, in both vegetative and flowering periods.

The lack of heat production makes them essential for growing in small spaces. They allow the tops of your plants to get right up to the lamp if you’re in a small growbox. Targeted delivery of photons to the plants in larger spaces additionally allows you to get the most out of just one small LED setup. With the precision delivery of light, these lamps are highly adaptable to advanced, space-saving, yield-increasing techniques like Screen of Green.

Check out KindLED lights for the best in the market! Don’t let the green revolution leave you in the dust. Cannabis growers need to start saving on electricity, because prices for bud will start to go down as production costs continue to go down. Stay green!

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