Cannabis Christmas Wreath Elevates Traditional Decor

Cannabis Christmas Wreath Elevates Traditional Decor

Here’s one way to elevate your home decor game: hang a cannabis Christmas wreath on your front door. Henry’s Original is offering this cheerful cheeba alternative to the traditional Christmas wreath. Deck your halls with weed and have a smokin’ holiday!

Crafted by Los Angeles florist Amy Nicole Floral, each custom handmade cannabis wreath contains one ounce of Henry’s finest sun-grown Mendocino flowers, accented with eucalyptus, pine, dried wheat, berries and pine cones. Fragrant and fabulous, the wreath is sure to add holiday cheer to any home. Under current California law, in order to purchase a wreath, you need a valid medical recommendation.

The limited-edition, custom wreaths are handcrafted with materials carefully selected to dry beautifully so that the wreath will last for future holiday seasons. Although, we imagine most, if not all, of the marijuana will be smoked by the time 2018 rolls around. For more information about Henry’s Original cannabis Christmas wreaths, go to

Happy Holidaze

If home decor isn’t your thing, there are other ways to celebrate.

Southern California company Lowell Farms famously introduced the Valentine’s Day cannabis bouquet as the perfect alternative to the typical bouquet of roses. Now, just in time for the holidaze, Lowell Farms’ limited-edition One Ounce Cannabis Tasting Flight is a gift that keeps on giving.

Cannabis Christmas Wreath Elevates Traditional Decor

The tasting flight contains eight of Lowell Farms’ top strains of flowers beautifully packaged in vacuum-sealed glass jars, nestled into a beautiful handcrafted wooden case. It’s a perfect gift for the cannabis connoisseur in your life. You’ll ensure this holiday is full of good cheer by stuffing a stocking with weed! For more information about the Cannabis Tasting Flight, go to

Next year, California’s recreational cannabis laws will be in full effect—we hope that means that cannabis Christmas gifts and decor will be available for all!

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