Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Cannabis Enthusiasts

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People are waking up to the fact that cannabis can enhance their sex lives, with more research emerging to back up the traditional use of marijuana as an aphrodisiac. Beyond increasing feelings of sensuality and improving mood, using the herb medicinally lessens pain, anxiety and helps users center themselves in the moment and relax—which is why more businesses are developing cannabis-infused topicals and edibles meant to do just that.

Cannabis-as-a-sexual-aid pioneer Mathew Gerson, creator & co-CEO of Foria, explained: “When you have too much stress in the body, your body produces an overabundance of cortisol, which basically dampens your libido… If don’t feel safe, you’re not going to feel horny.”

The first cannabis-infused personal lubricant, Foria increases blood flow and aids relaxation, looking to reduce stress and anxiety. Along with their flagship lube, Foria also produces suppositories intended for rectal and vaginal use which address pelvic pain, PMS and menstrual cramps.

“Cannabis is biphasic,” Gerson continued, “so a little bit can get a guy/gal turned on, but too much can lead to couchlock and you’re not feeling it.”

Indeed, deciding on the proper dosage for sexual enhancement can be very tricky, and it seems that a little bit can go a long way.

Start with only 5 to 10 milligrams for the first time. Your mindset, as well as your partner’s mindset, and the setting of the room can influence the experience greatly, so take a moment to speak your intentions together before imbibing, and have a nice, cozy, warm and dimly-lit space set up for massages and more.

Many cannabis couples report that using the herb together has helped them strengthen their relationships, increase communication and trust and create a special time to explore and enjoy each other.

With these love-enhancing qualities in mind, we’ve designed the perfect Valentine’s Day gift guide full of sensual indulgences for pot-loving couples.



This unique blend of coconut oil and premium cannabis extract is an oh-so-natural approach to sensual enhancement. Inspired by the 3000-year history of cannabis as an aphrodisiac in cultures around the globe, as well as scientific research into the therapeutic benefits of the plant, Foria is a cannabis-infused personal lubricant designed for female pleasure. The luxurious liquid can deepen and intensify a woman’s orgasmic experience—some users report rekindled chemistry with a partner, while others have discovered new heights of self-pleasuring. Apply topically 15 to 30 minutes before getting it on for a deliciously euphoric sensation without a head high.


Wow Candles

Wow is right! These medicated topical massage candles are made with the world’s finest organic coconut oil, organic palm wax, essential oil blends and infused with a whole gram (yes, 1000 mg!) of premium cannabis concentrate. Lighting the candle heat-activates the THC within… and once the candle melts, you can smooth its warm, soothing oil onto the skin for a sensual massage. Wow Candles come in several fragrant blends, including blood orange (hybrid), lavender jasmine (indica), grapefruit açaí (sativa) and white tea ginger (CBD). Stop by next time you’re in LA to pick up a true topical treat.


Bud Bouquets

A creative twist on the idea of flowers for your lover, Southern California growers Lowell Farms are offering the perfect alternative to the typical bouquet of roses. Their cannabis floral bouquet, deliverable anywhere in Los Angeles on Valentine’s Day for $400, is a gift that will keep on giving well after the candlelit dinner has ended. Surprise your significant other with this heady bouquet of full stems of cannabis, featuring one ounce of Purple Princess flower. The stems make an enticingly aromatic statement amidst an arrangement of wildflowers and eucalyptus. A perfect gift for the lover who has everything, the limited run of 500 bouquets will ensure your smoking sweetheart receives the most novel gift of the season. Recipients need a verified doctor’s recommendation. The cannabis bouquet is sourced using Lowell Farms organic cannabis, grown using organic fertilizer without the use of synthetic pesticides.


Snuggle Bites

Promising a specific, functional effect from cannabis-infused edibles is trending upward right now, as producers combine our favorite herb with a host of other medicinal plants to produce a range of desired effects. Custom-designed highs from Swerve Confections include Buzz Bars (makes you lively), Snooze Bars (makes you sleepy) and Snuggle Bites (makes you horny).

Reflecting ancient wisdom on using cannabis to enhance healthy sexual behavior, Snuggle Bites use herbs considered to be ‘aphrodisiacs’ in traditional Indian medicine, such as shankhapushpi, kapikachhu, ashwagandha, vidarikanda, and maca. Both men and women can stimulate libido and enjoy greater passion, as well as remedy hormonal imbalances, fatigue,and PMS. Each bite contains 50 mg of THC; four to a package for 200 mg total.

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Sensi Amore Chew

Containing 50 mg of THC, the Sensi Chew Amoré is intended for patients who want to increase sexual desire and endurance. Containing concentrated cannabinoid extract along with 80 mg per dose of tongkat ali, a natural aphrodisiac, this product is primarily THC with small amounts of CBD, CBC, CBN, CBG, THCV and other whole plant cannabinoids and terpenoids. Those who are new to or have a low tolerance with medicated edibles should proceed slowly, and remember that 10 milligrams is the recommended dose for new users of edibles.


HighGasm Personal Lubricant

This edible, flavored personal lubricant contains 25 mg of THC in a 3 mL packet. With coconut and blueberry flavors, this product uses MCT oil and vegetable glycerin, so it wouldn’t be appropriate to pair with latex. It creates some stickiness, but this is a unique way to enhance oral pleasures.

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