Cheech and Chong Become Newest Operators in Call of Duty

In recent years, Call of Duty has fully embraced cannabis culture for 4/20. This year includes a bunch of fun cannabis-themed goodies and limited time events.
Cheech and Chong
Courtesy Call of Duty

Call of Duty (CoD) has stepped up its game once more with a few new 4/20-inspired content. This year, a cannabis-themed bundle and new operator skins that callback to two famous stoners: Cheech and Chong. The famous stoner duo can be purchased and usable in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile.

The content was first announced on March 27 along with CoD Season 3 details, but only recently became available for purchase starting on April 17. The bundle is priced at 3,000 CoD points, which is the equivalent of $30.

“Forged in the counterculture revolution, yet armed with drive and creative power, Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin turned cultural friction into comedic success,” Season 3 patch notes continued. “Facing systemic barriers with humor and cannabis, the duo exploited adversity to bring underground voices into the mainstream. Chong’s ingenuity and Marin’s heritage primed them for fame, while their comedic chemistry made them icons. Their albums and films exposed injustice with subversive joy, pioneering stoner comedy and becoming symbols of irreverent truth.”

Both Cheech and Chong Operators come with a variety of offerings. This includes three weapon blueprints, including “Dankest,” “Hashassin,” and “Mellow and Mild,” each of which comes with the “Still Smokin’ Tracers” and “Up In Smoke” death effects, as well as a finishing move called “Secondhand Smoke.” Players also receive two decals (entitled “Be Mellow” and “Cheech & Chong’s Large Decals”), a weapon sticker (which reads “Smoke Buds”), two weapon charms (which state the phrases “Iconic” and “Cheech & Chong’s Seltzer”), and a special loading screen that says “Blunt Buddies.”

The finishing move features Cheech or Chong taking a hit, breathing smoke through the barrel of their weapon to eliminate enemies.

Cheech and Chong share many of the same lines that communicate objectives, item deployments and discoveries, enemy activity warnings, and more. However both Cheech and Chong have a few unique voice lines as well, according to a full list of voice lines compiled by the YouTube channel CODSploitz.


“Calling in some smoke—my favorite kind.”

“Hey, I smoke you like my favorite strain, man.”

“Hey far out, dude.”

“Hey dude, you’re magical.”

” “Hey man, I need a reefer resurrection over here.”

“Hey man I need some help, feeling a little hazy, ese.”

“Hey spill the doobie—I mean the details, man.”

“Thanks, that really trips me out, man.”

“Hey that was far out, man.”


“Oh hey man, hey check to see if they got any weed, man.”

“Groovy, man.”

“Headshot from another dimension, man.”

“I call it the cosmic cranium connection.”

“Ugh, I’m feeling a bit lightheaded, but it might be this joint, man.”

“Hey it looks like I live to roll another joint, man.”

“Okay, man, consider me your good vibes body guard, man.”

“Like a field of virtual marijuana plants.”

“I’m stoned and I can’t get up, man.”

“No way! A new life? Do I get a new joint, too, man?”

“We can do this the hard way, or the chill way, man.”

“Hey, man, what’s poppin’ amigo?”

“Whoa, my health is higher than Cheech on a Friday night, man.”

“Haha you’re cool man. Wanna smoke?”

Additionally, John Price, who has appeared in numerous CoD games, has been given a “Feelin’ Slothy” operator skin as well. “Smoke your enemies with two Weapon Blueprints featuring Blazed Tracers and the ‘Ding Dong You’re Bonged’ Death Effect: the ‘High Hitter’ WSP Swarm SMG and the ‘Toke N’ Smoke’ XRK Stalker Sniper Rifle,” the official description stated.

Courtesy Call of Duty

For a limited time, CoD will also feature two new events. According to Destructoid, the “Blaze Up” event, which runs until April 24, tasks players to complete specific challenges in quick play. “How high are you? Er, I mean, Hi! How are you? Complete event challenges for exclusively dank rewards. Warning: event may cause the munchies,” the event info stated. Players will receive a variety of rewards, such as a pot brownie weapon sticker called “Hot Out of the Oven,” “Weedson” killstreak skin, “High as a Duck” charm, and more. 

The second event, “Warzone High Trip” is also available for a limited time. According to OneEsports, players can pick up one of four skunk gummy power-ups in matches, which bring on effects such as receiving extra loot from supply caches, fast speed/no fall damage, highlighted enemies within sight, and faster reload times.

Last year for 4/20, CoD introduced Snoop Dogg as an operator, complete with his bundle of cosmetics and the “Tactical Toke” highlight, the “Finishizzle Movizzle” finishing move, and MVP highlight entitled “Hit This, Fam.” In August 2023, Nicki Minaj also made an appearance as an operator, which features a finishing move where Minaj jumps on and eliminates enemies with her stilettos.

As CoD celebrates 4/20 with cannabis consumers everywhere, we can’t help but wonder which stoner celebrity CoD will bring into the mix next year in 2025.

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