Crafty Portable App Vaporizer

The new Crafty vape is a hand-held marvel made by the same folks that brought you the Volcano years back.

Two things stand out about this item: one, you can taste the hell out of the weed you are smoking; and two, the device vaporizes weed better than any portable device we have seen to date.

Crafty’s compact construction has a single button control: You turn on the Crafty and the device heats up to (the default temperature) 356°F in about a minute. When the set vaporization temperature is reached, it is signaled through a short double-vibration and the LED-indicator lamp: The LED changes the color from red to green.

If you want a little more insight into what is happening with your Crafty (how much battery life you have, etc.), you can download the app (iOS and Android apps are available).

The quality of this device is amazing. When a bowl is tapped and you empty the chamber, the weed is crispy, but not charred in the least. It’s not often that you will find an utter lack of combustion when vaping weed, but this little miracle pulls it off beautifully. That might be because the vaporization in the Crafty functions on the basis of a full hot air convection heating combined with conduction. The convection heating provides an immediate and continuous vaporization, whereas the conduction ensures that there is vapor created from the very first breath.

The machine takes about two hours to charge fully and — at least for us — maintained a charge though a busy weekend full of stony pleasures. All green lights for this item folks…if you have an holiday quandaries in your future, Crafty is sure to make any stoner smile.

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