Get Hot For Hemp

Skin care for people who like to get some.
Get Hot For Hemp

Skin is at the epicenter of sexual excitement and satisfaction, and yet skin care is traditionally such a boring and routine experience. We decided to change all that and create skin-care products that remind you of the sheer pleasure of touching your own skin and also enhance your experience when you touch someone else.

Skin care should be fun, bright, sexy and even just a little naughty. After all, isn’t ‘looking good naked’ the whole reason we spend time on the appearance of our skin in the first place?

We LOVE hemp.

We could go on and on about our love for hemp, and all of its benefits. We chose hemp seed oil and hemp seed extract as the foundation of all of our products because it’s so incredibly good for your skin—plus we really love that we get to design a hemp leaf into our graphics! It may just be the sexiest botanical on the planet.

Get Hot For Hemp

We know you’re looking for a cruelty-free symbol on your products before buying them—just like us. Hearing about products being tested on animals is a total mood killer. That’s why we are on a quest to push the beauty and sexual care industry towards a higher standard and seek to provide products that are always cruelty-free. You can check out our registration with PETA’s ‘Beauty without Bunnies’ program.

With the holidays coming soon (pun intended), now is the time to order that special someone a night they won’t forget.

Get warm with our Melt My Ice Sex Dice Game. Let it snow with our Hemp Lickable Body Powder and Body Brush. Then, add in our favorite holiday flavor, Hemp Intimate Massage Gel—Lickable Sugar & Spice.

Get Hot For Hemp

We hope that our luxurious products inspire you to enjoy skin care as a sensual experience and to have some fun, free-spirited naked play.

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