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The “Circe” is the latest water pipe from Sesh Supply, a propellor perc Fabergé Egg-style piece designed for either dry herbs or concentrate!  This “Circe” comes with Agua Azul accents for a beautiful touch on an already stellar piece. Circe is known in Greek mythology as the goddess of magic, potions, and herbs.  A fitting title for this water pipe, which is known for its multiple percs and incredibly smooth flavor. When hitting this piece, your smoke will travel down to the propellor perc, which will spin your smoke and water around to allow it to bounce and further diffuse against the Fabergé Egg cheese-style perc in the body. You can snag your very own Circe from Smoke Cartel, (Instagram: @smokecartelglass) one of the proud online retailers of Sesh Supply Glass.

Sesh Supply glass is also available to retail shops through Glassheads, (Instagram: @glassheadswholesale) a conglomerate of Sesh Supply, Gilded Glass, and UPC. Sesh Supply was founded by designers in Savannah, GA with an emphasis on premium glassware at affordable prices.  Sesh Supply’s designers come from a variety of backgrounds, from industrial design to 3D modeling, and with such careful attention to product function you’ll be sure to enjoy this “Circe” water pipe.

Want to know more about the Circe and how to win one? Head to SmokeCartel.com now!

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