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Are you tired of burning your fingers when using a lighter to light a candle, pipe, cigar, or water pipe? We’ve found a lighter that fixes that. It was even featured in one of the “Most Expensivest Sh*t” Youtube videos posted by GQ Magazine starring 2 Chainz. [Watch it HERE]

Enter Linse Lighters, a Los Angeles based start up that is revolutionizing the pocket lighter industry. Their cornerstone product, the Linse Lighter, allows you to move the base of the lighter’s flame away from your thumbs via Linse’s protractible and pivoting nozzle. The nozzle’s function can help you aim the flame any way you want, so that it no longer rides up and burns your thumbs. You can spot these lighters by their unmistakable black and white striped design.

After less than a year of launch, Linse has become the fastest growing lighter in the country. Popular retail chains all over the country have began carrying them — including Circle K, Town Pump Oil, and Western Convenience, in addition to the local smoke shops around the US.

Along with retail placement, the Linse team has been introducing the product at the industry’s largest trade shows and events, including the High Times Cannabis Cup, Champs, and many others. On numerous occasions, they offer free product giveaways through their instagram, @LinseLighters.

We love Linse because it gives us a safer experience at the same price of your average lighter. Locate the closest retailer at or grab one now at

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