SOURCEvapes’ Grade 1 Titanium Vape

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SOURCEvapes is first to market AGAIN with its revolutionary SOURCE orb XL, the ONLY vape to use GRADE 1 TITANIUM COILS. Previously SOURCEvapes’ SOURCE orb v1 was the first double coil vape pen, its SOURCE orb v2 was the first ceramic donut with SOURCE terra, its SOURCE orb 3 was the first quartz vape pen, and they were also first to market with triple coils.

Holding up to one gram of concentrated material, the SOURCE orb XL is also the only vape pen on the market with such a large capacity.

We think the SOURCE orb XL is a dream product for concentrate lovers.  They used the highest-quality materials for this amazing vape, as well as a second generation Variable Airflow System with five different airflow settings that allows users to Experience True Taste.

The SOURCE orb XL is the fourth and largest vape pen in SOURCEvapes’ wax product line.  The four sizes give users options to have a pen that best meets their needs.  The best cheap vaporizer SOURCE 10cig $10 vape pen is small, SOURCE orb slim vaporizer pen is medium, SOURCE orb 3 vapor pen is large, and of course the SOURCE orb XL is extra-large.  It is important to note that SOURCE orb XL attachments are also compatible with SOURCE orb 3 atomizers.

The first SOURCE orb XL product to be released is the SOURCE orb XL Travel Kit which includes the first Gr1 Quartz Triple Coil as well as a SOURCE orb XL Gr1 Quartz Double Coil Atomizer.  The MSRP for the SOURCE orb XL Travel Kit is $89.95 which is an incredible value!  Also announced are the SOURCE orb XL Atomizers 3-Packs, Gr1 Quartz Double Coil ($29.95) and Gr1 Quartz Triple Coil ($39.95).

Be sure to check the new SOURCE orb XL out at – it’s truly going to change the vaping game.

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