The High Priestess: Love, Sex, Magick

Take the time to reconnect with yourself.
The High Priestess: Love, Sex, Magick
Photo Credit: Alexandra Herstik

We’re officially in it. It’s October: the season of the witch is upon us and we’re finally able to sit outside, smoke some cannabis and live our best spooky autumn lives without feeling like we’re going to turn into a puddle of sweat. It’s Libra season, the air sign represented by the glyph of the scales, who’s dedicated to the heart and justice. This is the perfect opportunity for us to connect to love…while using cannabis to help us do so, of course. 

Libra season is a chance for us to work with cannabis and love magick as a way to recommit to ourselves. It’s time for some love, sex, and magick, baby!  Venus, the planet (and Goddess of the same name) who rules over love, sex, glamour, wealth, abundance, receiving, and victory, is Libra’s planetary ruler, meaning that all of these wonderful traits are also associated with this sign. 

This is an ideal time to work with cannabis as an aphrodisiac and heart opener, especially as we ebb closer and closer to the Full Moon in Aries on October 13th

As the light of the moon grows until her fullest embodiment on the 13th, we too can focus on what we want to cultivate and grow. Thankfully, there’s an endless array of ways to incorporate cannabis into your love magick practice. So whether you’re ingesting cannabis, working with a topical, or using CBD to help you get back into your body, have better sex, or call more self-love into your life, there’s no better time to get your weed witch on than now. Enjoy these six ritualistic ways to tap into the high vibe Venusian energy of Libra season. 

Cultivate self-love with affirmations 

Every love spell begins with self-love, even if you don’t necessarily feel, or believe it yet. For love magick to be its most potent, you have to remember that you’re worthy of receiving this love in the first place. That’s why whenever people come to me for advice on love spells, I always suggest starting with self-love. When you’re practicing magick, you’re using your own energetic (or auric) field to attract or banish. Everything goes through you to begin with; and when we energize this through self-love, our magick becomes stronger. 

One way we can remind ourselves of our worth is through saying affirmations. Since cannabis can help us lower our inhibitions, it can be useful in cultivating self-love in this way because we have an easier time believing what we’re saying. If you’re looking to receive more love this autumn, try writing out mantras for yourself. Start with the phrase “I am”, or simply declare what you want to be true. Some examples:

  • I am divine love
  • I live in a state of awe and gratitude and I experience miracles every day
  • I completely and totally love, honor, and accept myself 
  • I am abundant, prosperous, worthy, and I receive with ease

Once you have your chosen affirmation, take a hit, dab, vape, or whatever your chosen method of cannabis is, and repeat your mantras to yourself as you gaze at your non-dominant eye in the mirror (because gazing at both of your eyes is too hard, and your non-dominant eye is the “receptive” eye.) Allow yourself to receive this wisdom, and do your best to feel it in your body. Repeat each mantra to yourself three times, at least once a day and then see how you feel a week later. Repeat your cannabis consumption as necessary to help you get out of your head and feeling into your body.

The High Priestess: Love, Sex, Magick
Photo Credit: Alexandra Herstik

Cleanse your body, mind, and spirit with this easy love-spell incense recipe

An easy way to cleanse yourself and your space is through sacred smoke; but instead of inhaling this smoke, you’re using it as incense! This old recipe for love magic and possibly even prophetic visions is simple: mix some mugwort and cannabis together and burn them as incense. You may also wish to add some roses to this mix, since this is a flower ruled by Venus, and closely associated with the realm of sensuality, sexuality, and love. You can burn this incense in a fireproof dish or bowl by lighting a charcoal disc and placing it on some sand, waiting a few minutes for it to light completely and then sprinkling some of the herbal mix onto the charcoal. Use this to cleanse your home, your sacred space, and yourself. You can even use this to meditate, closing your eyes and focusing on your heart, asking her what she needs, or focusing on the kind of love you want to receive and asking how you can give this to yourself. Or let the herbs guide you into seeing what romance and lovers await for you in the future…

If you’re working with organic herbs, you can also mix mugwort and rose into the cannabis you’re smoking, and then after smoking it, meditate on your heart and self-love for similar effects as above. 

Draw in sweet opportunities with a honey jar spell

A honey jar spell is an easy way to call in whatever you’re looking for with sweetness and compassion; this is an especially potent ritual to do to call in romance and love of all kinds. You can even perform this ritual for self-love, and to draw in more opportunities to give yourself the love you want to receive. And since cannabis is an aphrodisiac, you can use this herb as an ingredient in your spell, or you can consume it to help you get in the right state of body and mind to receive this love magick.

You’ll need: a jar, honey, paper and pen, a pink or red chime candle and holder, a lighter, herbs like mugwort, roses, lavender, cinnamon, cannabis.

This spell is best done on a Friday, the day ruled by the planet Venus. 

Before you begin, take the time to get yourself relaxed and present. You may wish to work with CBD, through a tincture or by smoking a high -CBD strain of weed like ACDC or Ringo’s Gift. You can also take a bath with a CBD bath bomb (like these from Kush Queens) or put on some CBD body lotion anywhere you may be feeling aches or pains. You can also work with THC, taking a few hits from your joint, bong or vape to help you release your inhibitions and become more present with the sensations and feelings in your body.

When you’re ready, you’ll write down your intention for your honey jar spell. What are you looking to attract more of? More love? A new relationship? More kinky sex? Self-love? More wonderful stoned experiences? Write this down in whatever way feels the most believable for you; you can say “I have” or “I call in”. Get as clear and specific as you can with what you want, and really focus on how you will feel once you get this.

When you’re ready, read this out loud to the universe, declaring it. Then fold this piece of paper up, and put it in the jar. Add the honey and herbs like rose and cannabis to this jar to help manifest this intention. Feel this as much as you can, and as you add each herb, feel this intention drawing nearer to you. Continue infusing your energy into each action, thanking each herb and the honey as you do so. When you’re done, put the lid on your jar and grab your candle. Rub honey on the candle from each end to the middle, and either melt the bottom of the candle and place it on the lid of the jar, or place the candle in the holder next to the jar. When you feel wrapped up in your spell, light the candle and proclaim that your intention is set and manifested. Know this as truth. Let the candle burn all the way down, leaving it in the sink, or fan/ snuff it out (don’t blow it out) and relight it as you refocus on your intention. The ritual is done! Take another hit if you wish, and reconnect to your body and the present. 

Once the candle is burned all the way down, you can dispose of the jar and any excess wax at a garbage can at an intersection- the modern witch’s crossroads. 

Photo Credit: Alexandra Herstik

Practice sex-magick with CBD lube and a rose-quartz dildo

I talked about sex magick during Taurus season, another Venus-ruled sign that’s heavy with body magick and hedonism since it’s an earth sign. And while Taurus is in the realm of earth, Libra is the realm of air, meaning that a big way that Libra gets off is mentally. Stimulate the mind and the body follows. 

So, for sex magick for Libra season, you’ll be exploring your erotic edge by reading erotica or watching porn to help you get worked up. Before you begin your sex magick session, you’ll want to set up your space and set an intention. Put on some ambient music or a sexy playlist, dim the lights, light some candles and some incense (or better yet- burn the love magick incense from earlier in this column), and grab any supplies you’ll need: an indica heavy strain is great if you want to smoke. And I definitely recommend working with CBD lube, like Awaken by Foria, and/or a rose quartz Chakrub crystal dildo to really get into your heart center.

Rose Quartz is a crystal associated with the heart chakra, and is a deep facilitator of self-love and our ability to receive. You may wish to place any rose quartz stones you have on your nightstand or next to you as you work with sex magick to tap into the stone’s energies. 

If you’re working with CBD lube, remember that this is more of a marinade than an actual lube and you need to let it absorb for at least 20 minutes prior to your solo sex session to really feel its effects. You may wish to do this before you even begin setting up your space! Likewise, if you’re you’re taking an edible before your sex magick ceremony, you may want to do this before you even begin preparing your space at all, giving yourself at least an hour to feel its effects.

So, your space is set. Now it’s time to think of how you want to get yourself off and set your intention. Sex magick is utilizing sexual energy and orgasms for a desired outcome; this can be for anything; for abundance and wealth (like a specific amount of money), to call in a romantic relationship, or to heal. Think of what you need more of in your life and hold this clearly in your mind’s eye. 

Once your intention is set, think of how you want to get into your body. You may you want to read yourself some erotica by Anais Nin, or watch an artsy porno by Four Chambers. Or perhaps giving yourself a massage with some CBD infused lotion is enough to help you get in the mood. If you’re smoking, you’ll want to figure out how you’ll be doing this as well; the Cannasexual and sex and relationship coach Ashley Manta recommends using a bong for sex magick so you can connect to each of the elements. “I love smoking out of a bong because it unites the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water. I cleanse my tools–filling the bong with fresh water, consecrating my grinder and lighter with a drop of water each, and close my eyes to set my intention. I offer gratitude to the plant and ask that it help me be fully present and better able to access my magick. As I pack the bowl, I start to imagine what I want to manifest,” she explains. 

“I make it as vivid as I can. I touch the lit hemp wick to the flower and take a deep inhale, holding for a moment at the top, then releasing audibly with an “ahhh” sound. It helps open my throat chakra. As I start to feel the effects wash over my body and mind, I feel into my body and I follow my intuition about what kinds of pleasure my body needs in the moment.” 

You may want to do this naked in front of the mirror, to help remind yourself that you are just as divine and powerful as Venus is. Feel yourself drawn deeper into your body with each inhale, and with each exhale release any fears, anxieties or feelings of unworthiness.

When your body and mind feel connected, you’ll start your solo-sex practice, feeling into the pleasure you’re creating and receiving as you connect with your intention. If you have a rose quartz dildo, now is the time to use it, calling on the energies of the stone and unconditional love. Even if you don’t have one, you may wish to invoke this same energy, or the energy of Libra or the Goddess Venus. Continue feeling present in your body, enjoying all the sensations until you climax, or get as close as you can to orgasm. At this peak, visualize your intention moving into the universe. Continue sending out this intention for as long as you can, and continue doing this as you stay in the afterglow. Once you feel complete, thank the universe and yourself, the energy of divine love and Venus, and know the working is done. Drink some water, eat some food, smoke some more or eat another edible and know that it is finished! 

Photo Credit: Alexandra Herstik

Dedicate an altar and candle to self-love

While I’ve already shared how to create a green altar in honor of cannabis and mother earth, this week, we’ll be creating an altar to self-love and ourselves. An altar is a focal point of magical work, where you can return to revisit your intention. This time, the altar is in dedication of self-love and self-compassion. Here you will gather objects that remind you of your tender devotion and your heart. Think the colors of the heart; pink, magenta, red, white, and green, which is the color of the heart chakra. Place a photo of yourself here, alongside any crystals, jewelry, trinkets, books, ritual items, and favorite smokable pieces you own. You can also add flowers like roses and lily’s here as well, and you may wish to leave your cannabis flower or CBD products here to charge in this energy, so they’re even more infused with the energy of self-love when you use them. 

The idea is that when you come back here, you are reminded of your strength, your worth and your heart. Set this altar up so it resonates with you in its beauty. It should make you happy to see it, and you should feel a sense of peace when you look at it. 

You can also dedicate a candle to self-love; a 5-day pillar candle in white, pink, or red can be inscribed with your name, the symbol for Venus, and drizzled with honey and cannabis to call in this energy of self-love, receiving and magick. You can set an intention for this candle, or simply dedicate it to self-love. Return to your altar each day, or as often as you can, and light this candle as you rededicate yourself to your intention. When you’re done, use a candle snuffer, fan or an upside bowl or cup to snuff out the flame. When the candle is finished, recycle it or dispose of it in a garbage can at an intersection.

Photo Credit: Alexandra Herstik

Have a cannabis infused spa day

Libra loves to indulge, and what better way to do just that than to infuse an at-home spa day with some CBD and THC? A ritual on its own, taking a bath with Epsom salts can help you ground while also relieving and relaxing sore muscles. Add some CBD into the mix, like with these Lanikai bath salts which come with a choice of lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint, or lavender essential oil, and you’ll add even more anti-inflammatory and healing benefits to your bath. Or, go with some simple lavender Dr Teal’s Epsom salt from your local drugstore, take an edible or a hit, and relax even deeper into the cleansing water of your own personal cauldron. 

When you’re done, you can slather on some CBD face oil, spritz your skin with some Venus approved rose infused CBD Hydrosol or use this Joy Organic’s CBD Face Mask to really give yourself the spa day treatment. Or go old school, and smoke in your tried and true favorite face mask while wearing a fluffy robe to really feel like the glamour queen Libra season wants you to be.

The key to infusing your love-magick with cannabis? Being intentional, mindful and clear about what you’re looking to gain. With Venus blessing us during Libra season, take the chance to love yourself however you need to be loved. And so it is!

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  1. When it comes to setting the mood, I love to use my favorite cbd bath bomb from CBD Infusion. It smells amazing and really helps me feel relaxed and horny. I get mine at: – it’s a must have!

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