Hip Hop OG Twista Talks Weed: ‘The Best Joint I Ever Smoked Was…”

We caught up with rap legend Twista to talk about music, weed, and the best joint he’s ever smoked.
Courtesy of Twista

If you’ve ever seen one of the hundreds of interviews Chicago-native Twista has done over his more than 25-year hip hop career, you’ve probably noticed he is often high; really high. However, a dry mouth is something the rapper rarely experiences. The holder of the 1992 Guinness World Record as the fastest rapper in the globe spits game even when stoned out of his mind.Now, this 44-year old, high school rapper is no newbie when it comes to weed. He’s a die-hard blunts fan. Interested in what he likes and does not like in the pot universe nowadays, High Times sat down with the one and only Tung Twista to discuss all things cannabuzz.

The Meetup

Thursday, April 26, 2018. A parking lot in Chicago, 1 p.m. We’re breaking down a Backwoods. Y’all know what that means.

High Times: Is this [smoking blunts] still your favorite intake method? Or do you like other stuff like vapes or dabs better?

Twista: I like smoking, man. I’m still addicted to Backwoods. I went on the road with Jay-Z and some other rappers, and Freeway had me smoking Backwoods. When I came off the tour, I couldn’t go back to any other kind of paper but the Backwoods. I will only use another kind of paper if I’m smoking something with Snoop or Wiz Khalifa or somebody.

HT: We remember a line from your hit with Kanye West, “Overnight Celebrity,” where you say, “Girl I’m Twista, I could blow your brains.” So, what kind of weed blows your brains? Have you tried the “Twista” stain?

Twista: You say what, now? That there’s a strain named Twista!? I need to sample it; I did not know that. I gotta look into it. I need to get involved, make sure it’s great weed.

If you dare name it Twista, let me see how it tastes like first. Then, I’ll get involved, because that is what cannabis is all about, good feelings and good vibes.

HT: So, what’s your favorite strain then? We know it’s really hard but, can you pick just one… or at least a few?

Twista: I don’t know if I’ve got one favorite. Right now, I’m really into the Biscotti.

HT: Why do you like it?

Twista: I’ll tell you why. When I smoke it, I smoke some Biscotti, and I have some Gorilla Glue, and I have some O.G. Kush, and I have some Gelato. These are some of my favorites. In fact, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies… that’s my sh*t.

But Biscotti is the sh*t, it’s the one I have to have.

HT: What’s your favorite thing about cannabis? Do you enjoy being high? Do you enjoy the relief? Do you enjoy the creativity? What is it you find most appealing?

Twista: It’s the way it relaxes your body. You know, it’s natural. It’s from the earth. I get some of the same types of vibes that a real Rastafari would have when it comes to weed. I like the way it relaxes me; I like the social vibe and the energy when you’re smoking. But, most of all, I like the way I think when I rap when I’m smoking weed.

I might be thinking of rap lines that might be straightforward, like reality, talking about real things I do like walk here or drive there. But, once I hit the blunt, then it’s: I took a spaceship here! I went into this dimension there!

Best Joint Ever

HT: This is a question we love to ask. Tell High Times about your best joint ever, the best joint you’ve ever smoked, and we mean the whole experience. Like, last year we heard about this Grammy-winning drummer, Brendan Hill, who told us, “[Blues Traveler] went to a benefit event at Neil Young’s house in San Francisco, California. It was us, Marilyn Manson, Metallica and Neil Young. We were at a party after the event, in one of Neil Young’s teepees that he’s got on his property.” So, what’s yours?

Twista: It was around the time [Dr. Dre’s] “The Chronic” came out [in 1992]. We were in an attic. It was me, my homie, a lady we knew who was a school teacher in Chicago at the time. Deon Cole was around; that was the day I met him. I’m not saying he was partaking… But… That was the best; that day.

HT: So, that was 1992 or 2001? Which Chronic album was it?

Twista: I don’t know. Whenever the f*ck “The Chronic” was out. I’d say the Original Chronic.

HT: Damn. That’s a while ago. So, why was it so good? What was it from that experience that really left a mark on you? It’s been more than 25 years since that joint…

Twista: Man, we laughed so damn hard… That particular joint… We laughed so hard. And this was when having a computer at home was a new thing. So, we would record these things on the computer – and they are probably on the computer to this day. We were making sounds effects, doing crazy sh*t, and we were having a ball, just like kids.

New Track Alert

As a little bonus, we’re sharing Twista’s latest track, “Paradise,” embedded at the top of this article. Check out his fast rhymes, great for this coming weekend.

Also find Twista featured alongside Lil Windex, Chaz Ultra, Riff Raff, Jenvoix, Wu-Tang Clan’ Inspectah Deck and RZA, Kxng Crooked, Jonathan Hay, Ranna Royce, Cyhi The Prynce, yours truly — Javier Hasse, and many others, in DJ Whoo Kid and Smith & Hay’s latest mixtape, The Whoodlum Ball, out on Friday via Apple Music.

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