T-Shyne on 420, Hip Hop, and Young Stoner Life Records

We chatted with T-Shyne about Young Stoner Life Records and their special plans this 420 season.

420 only comes once a year, and for hip-hop powerhouse collective Young Stoner Life Records (aka YSL), and rap guru T-Shyne, this is serious business. 

Home to Young Thug, Gunna, Lil Keed, T-Shyne, and many more, YSL is undoubtedly on top of the rap game, but with their eyes set on the top of the weed game as well. For their annual 420 event, Young Stoner Life Records is presenting the International Stoners Association: 420 Online Experience. For an unforgettable, immersive activation that brings the worlds of streetwear, cannabis, and hip-hop culture together, look no further. 

This experience will include free giveaways via a virtual claw machine, NFT drops, exclusive video performances by Young Stoner Life Records/300 Entertainment artists, including Lil Keed, OMB Peezy, T-Shyne, and others, as well as retro arcade games based on YSL releases like Gunna’s “Too Easy,” and limited edition merch that will be sure to set off your 420 function properly. 

For folks in Las Vegas, be sure to check out their in-person experience at Jardin Dispensary, which includes a meet-and-greet with YSL artists, a limited-edition sneaker collaboration with Kool Kiy, and an actual claw machine to connect the digital and physical worlds. Attendees of the in-person 420 activation will receive a POAP NFT and online users will receive a virtual-exclusive NFT. 

Needless to say, Young Stoner Life Records and 300 Entertainment are at the cutting edge of music and cannabis. Here to set things off right, is YSL and New York’s very own T-Shyne, offering an exclusive smoked-out performance of his singles, “Still Ain’t Finished” and “Speak My Truth,” live from Astor Club NYC.

T-Shyne was also generous enough to lend his time to High Times for an interview. Be sure to read below about what T-Shyne has to say about all things YSL, athletics, rap life, and cannabis.

T-Shyne, it is known that you are a part of Young Stoner Life Records, but are you in fact a stoner? What is your relationship with cannabis and how did it start for you?

I am most definitely a stoner. I’ve been smoking weed since I was like 13 or 14, and I never fell out of love with it. My dad is a Rasta, so it’s something I’ve been around all of my life. There are so many benefits to marijuana in general.

Out of everyone you have witnessed in person from Young Stoner Life Records, who smokes the most bud, and what is a smoke session like with them? 

We all smoke a lot. There really is no limit with us. A smoke session with us is gonna be filled with blunts or papers with grabba. It doesn’t take long for the whole room to be hotboxed. We set smoke alarms off everywhere.

What are T-Shyne’s personal smoking essentials to set off the vibe of a typical smoke sesh?

Right now, I need my RAW papers, some good Grabba Leaf, and I’m good. Usually, I’m smoking on Gelato 41.

Courtesy of Siena Saba

Besides making music, what is your favorite activity to do while you are extremely stoned?

Bowling while high is a vibe. Lately that’s been my thing.

You are the only New York artist on Young Stoner Life Records, so do you feel any responsibility to put on for Sour Diesel, or are you accustomed to smoking a different strain?

Growing up in New York, Sour Diesel was a staple; everyone was smoking on diesel, but nowadays, Gelato 41 is my go-to.

Your “30 for 30” song has a basketball-themed music video; you had NBA superstar and future hall of famer Kevin Durant executive produce your project, and he is known to be a cannabis advocate himself. What are your thoughts on the NBA cannabis policies and their decision to discontinue their protocol of random marijuana testing of players in the league?

I think the decision was great for the league. There are so many benefits of marijuana for athletes. It can help with pain, help them sleep better, and keep them calm. And those are just a few.

You seem like more than just a sports fan, but an actual athletic person as well. How do you balance that lifestyle with being a stoner and what does that routine look like for you on a typical day?

I got my dog, so naturally, I get a lot of natural exercise from walking with him or bringing him to the park. Also, we got a hoop at our studio, so we play a lot of basketball over there.

Courtesy of Seina Saba

What does an ideal studio session with T-Shyne look like? Who is in the room, and what are you guys smoking?

An ideal session with me is gonna be a lot of weed, a lot of snacks, and a lot of drinks. Lights are dimmed down low to catch a vibe. I’m usually with some of my bros, and right now we’re smoking 41 and biscotti, mainly.

As a recording artist of your nature, you must be on the move a lot and get a chance to visit a wide variety of places around the country and the world. In these travels of yours, where have you found the best bud, and what was the backstory behind it all?

To be honest, the best bud I’ve smoked is in California. Even when you travel around the world, everyone is asking if you got that Cali. I usually travel with my own weed ‘cause I know the quality is there, you know?

Lastly, can the people expect to see a T-Shyne strain in the future? If so, what would the profile of the strain be?

Most definitely going to come out with a strain, and you know it’s gotta have some traits of that Gelato 41!

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