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14 Politicians Who Smoked Weed

Now more than ever, politicians admitting to past cannabis use is critical. Here are 14 politicians who smoked weed and admitted it.



When faced with the daunting decision of electing a public official to represent you, it is critical to know who’s on the ballot. Where do they stand on immigration policy? How about universal, free health coverage? Are they cool with the current gun laws? No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, if you’re reading this, you probably also want to know another important, decision-making question. How do they feel about weed? Voting for an anti-marijuana politician will definitely kill your high. And plenty of politicians have gone further than admitting their feelings on the devil’s lettuce. Some have even owned up to smoking it, sometimes inhaling and sometimes not. Brave pro-marijuana lawmaker Jared Polis wasn’t afraid to ask Congress. In his rough estimation, it was around 5 percent. While it’s unlikely they’ll join your smoke sesh anytime soon, here are 15 politicians who smoked weed at least once.

1. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas

14 Politicians Who Smoked Weed

Frank Fey/ Wikimedia Commons

While Sen. Ted Cruz may have puffed the magic dragon, he likes to keep those days behind him. While running for office, his campaign provided an admission to Sen. Cruz using pot “foolishly” when he was a teenager. Like with his other underage offenses, the politician leads with a “kids will be kids” attitude. His line of defense goes like this: “Teenagers often make foolish mistakes, and that certainly applied to me as well.”

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