14 Politicians Who Smoked Weed

Now more than ever, politicians admitting to past cannabis use is critical. Here are 14 politicians who smoked weed and admitted it.
Gage Skidmore/ Wikimedia Commons

11. Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY.

14 Politicians Who Smoked Weed
United States Senate/ Wikimedia Commons

Rand Paul may have the kookiest marijuana use story of all of the politicians who smoked weed. When prodded with the question of if he ever smoked cannabis, he replied casually that he “wasn’t a choir boy”.

Most certainly he was not.

Paul admits to smoking weed in his youth. But unlike many of us who experiment with weed, Paul made it weird. Reportedly, he and a friend smoked up, then tied up and blindfolded a girl. According to her, a high Paul and his associate then made her praise the ’Aqua Buddha’ by the side of a creek.

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